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Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes history by failing to lift a bar

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes history by failing to lift a bar

She was the first apparently transgender female athlete to participate Already. “Sunk” Emotionally, in her words, she could not lift a single bar during the competition over 87 kg.

“Kiwi Laurel Hubbard made history”, Monday, August 2 in Tokyo, To write New Zealand Herald : The weightlifter became the first apparently transgender female athlete to compete in the Olympics.

However, the athlete was unable to lift a single bar during the 87kg race. She started her competition at a bar at 120kg, then at 125kg for the second and third, without succeeding in any attempt.

“After several months of controversy over the presence of Laurel Hubbard Already From Tokyo, his actual participation lasted fifteen minutes on Monday evening, Comment Subject. There was a controversy around Hubbard’s second bar, which seemed to win at 125kg, but two of the three judges failed because his right arm seemed unstable and slightly bent at the elbow. Tells the New Zealand site.

“However, despite the debate over his eligibility to compete, he withdrew from the competition with a grin and a heart-shaped gesture for those present.” Greet him New Zealand Herald.


Laurel Hubbard had come to the Japanese capital “With a real chance to finish sixth at the last World Championships and win a medal”, Underline New Zealand Herald In another article.

Then “Eliminating his surprise”, In the words of the newspaper, the 43-year-old New Zealand said, “During a Rare Media Appearance”, That she might have been “Sadness” Through the event. “I think I was overwhelmed by the excitement on the Olympic stage.” She said Sky Sports. She thanked the organizers of the tournament “The controversy surrounding it is not entirely forgotten [s]A participation. “

The male-born weightlifter competed in the youth category until 2001, but never internationally, before becoming a woman eight years ago. His inclusion in the New Zealand squad “Placed in the center of the debate on eligibility in the presence of transgender athletes in women’s competitions”, Retreat Subject

Critics say Laurel Hubbard retains an unreasonable and substantial physical benefit. It meets all the criteria set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)It) For athletes who change from male to female, including maintaining total testosterone levels below a certain limit for at least twelve months. “

The site reminds me of, “When referring to the problem of the problem”, One of Hubbard’s rivals, Anna van Bellingen of Belgium, said New Zealand’s presence in Tokyo made the match unequal. “Bad Comedy” To its competitors.

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When asked how she ignores what she heard on Monday, Laurel Hubbard responded: “This is a good question. I do not think it is possible for anyone to ignore everything that happens in the world, but do what you can.

Apparently the record of athletes LGBT To Already

“Although she did not go far, Laurel Hubbard opened an unprecedented path for trans athletes”, Excited they, In the United States.

Community oriented site LGBT, A delight “Apparently competing registration number LGBTQ+ ” At this year Already, “Rated over 160”. “That number apparently includes three trans and non-binary athletes: Hubbard, Canadian football star Quinn and American skater Alana Smith.”

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