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Transparent Dress?  Watch the optical illusion in Bella Thorne's 'look' that baffled photographers

Transparent Dress? Watch the optical illusion in Bella Thorne’s ‘look’ that baffled photographers

Bella Thorne Several generations of children and young people have distinguished themselves during the years that I have been associated with them Disney. However, the actress continues to show that that era is long gone. Currently more connected with the world of cinema, even after becoming the director of some productions, the model has always been accustomed to the audience daring and daring.

This Wednesday, March 30, the actress attended the official launch of the movie “Morbius” in which the actor is participating Jared Leto. But it was precisely Bella Thorne who focused the attention of the paparazzi on the red carpet of the event. And all thanks to the choice of appearance that deceived everyone present, because it created an appearance Optical illusion is, to say the least, shameless.

The 24-year-old was wearing a dress in shades of red and black, just ExhibitionWhich is designed to look transparent, giving the idea that the actress He won’t wear underwear under it.

to accompany a lookBella chose high heels, also in shades of dark red, and added many jewelry, especially rings and a watch. The choice of clothing tones was to meet the theme of the film’s premiere, which centers on the story of a scientist who turns into a vampire.

According to the magazine Monet, Bella Thorne’s look was designed by designer Sergio Castano Pina, who said the dress had a clear purpose in the face of “war, violence and oppression.” The value of the piece is more than 36 thousand euros.

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