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“Trapped in a Dating Sim” first appeared on Crunchyroll

“Trapped in a Dating Sim” first appeared on Crunchyroll

Arrived today (25th) at Crunchyroll, eg timetableand dubbing Stuck in the Dating Game: The world of otome games is tough on the mob (Otomege Sekai wa Mobu ni Kibishii Sekai Desu) – The Brazilian version produced by the studio Atma EntertainmentUnder supervision Maira Stefan.

In the cast, Fábio Campos (Justin Law in Soul eater) plays the protagonist Leon, and Raissa Bueno (the new Saori Kido/Athena from Knights of the Zodiac) plays the role of Olivia, the protagonist Dating yes.

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Animation adaptation of the novel series by Yumo Mishimawas independently published from 2017 to 2019, with an edition collected by the publisher Micro Magazinewith 11 volumes from 2018 to date.

Kazuya Miura that it Shinichi Fukumoto Play the anime in the studio Engywhich contains 12 episodes, but the second phase has already been confirmed.

The title is self-explanatory: the protagonist, Leon, is one day moved to a file Otome game (A game aimed at women) His sister was forced to play it. He would end up exactly in the kingdom of Holfort, which is dominated by women, and a very difficult place for someone like him. Thus, Leon attempts to live a relatively normal life by drawing on his prior knowledge of the game.

Dubbing farms

Schedule – May

source: Crunchyroll

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