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Trapped!  Jessica Nogueira denounces Bruno Savate's betrayal of Joanna Albuquerque

Trapped! Jessica Nogueira denounces Bruno Savate’s betrayal of Joanna Albuquerque

Bruno Savate and Joana Albuquerque ended the (new) relationship that had resumed a few weeks after they left the “Big Brother” home. The young couple surprised their followers with this new outlaw, which resulted from the alleged betrayal of the North to Cascais’ “house”.

Joanna has already confirmed the end of the relationship: “I literally have nothing to say, I was simply ignored for a few days and decided to end it (…) No one is ignoring me,” Joanna announced in an interview with Manuel Louis Josha.

Last night, Bruno Savate ended up confirming the end of the relationship, he even threw a badly received maverick: Yes, I am? To clarify your doubts: Yes, it is true, my ‘sadness’ has ended … North Books.

Now, says ATelevisão, which is citing a close source, it was Jessica Nogueira who denounced the alleged betrayal with Jessica Nevis. As the site says, the meeting between Bruno Savate and Jessica Nevis will take place “On the day of the controversy over comments and likes in Bruno’s picture, indicating that they were together while Jessica made affectionate comments in the image of Bruno and her likes in comments confirming Joanna’s alleged betrayal and her involvement with her.” Can be read.

The same source also reveals that Joana Albuquerque was reported by Jéssica Nogueira: “Jessica Nogueira denounced Bruno’s betrayal of Joanna.”Revealing that Bruno Savate and Jessica Neves were spotted on the balcony and at a sushi restaurant in Aguadilla.