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Traveling by private jet from Russia - VG

Traveling by private jet from Russia – VG

VIP: Photo of what will be Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in the VIP section of Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on March 14.

Tel Aviv (VG) The arrival of the Russian oligarchs in Israel has become a nuisance to the Israeli authorities.


– He lives back there.

A man wearing gold jewelry and Armani hats waves at a neighbor’s villa. Long live Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, one of the richest men in the world.

The man with the gold jewelry does not want his name to be mentioned.

– I’ve only seen his guards. Neighbor wonders, maybe only those who live here.

We call anonymous intercom for the residential complex. The rude man on the other end answers.

Is it possible to interview Abramovich?

– No way!

Then the line is broken.

LUXURY: Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich bought half a building outside Tel Aviv. The whole area is cordoned off.

It’s been two years since the Russian oligarch bought a huge villa complex in a trendy area outside Tel Aviv.

A record for home sales was set, which was said to have cost $65.5 million. Almost half of the quarter ended up in the hands of the Abramovich oligarch.

The purchase also included a tennis court and a swimming pool on a hydraulic platform, according to the Israeli Globus newspaper.

– He’s had two garden parties here. Another neighbor says shy of the media, but I wasn’t invited.

– I’m sure there are many other people who fled Russia and also bought a house here in the neighbourhood.

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Putin: In this photo from the 2005 archive, Vladimir Putin and Roman Abramovich met. The two were close allies for a number of years.

Steering wheel while jogging

When Russia chose to go to war on Ukraine on February 24, the West responded with harsh sanctions.

Many of them affected the Russian oligarchy.

In the dramatic and frantic early days of the war, Russians fled in droves from Russia.

Everything from IT professionals who have lost their jobs and from war opponents and journalists. Many of them went to countries such as Georgia and Turkey. But many chose Israel as a place to immigrate to.

Many tyrants also chose to leave Russia.

During the first 10 days of the war, 14 private planes arrived from Russia. to me Israeli media Perhaps there was a Russian oligarch escaping from sanctions.

Yacht: This 138-meter yacht is said to have been built by Roman Abramovich. Here he is at the wharf in Turkey on March 22 this year.

Israeli lawyer Eli Gervits is working to transfer the Russians to Israel. In the early weeks of the war, he saw a 25-fold increase in the number of agents who needed his help, he says.

– I do not have clients from Russia, my clients come from Moscow, he writes in an email to VG.

They come to him to help with residence permits, transfer their property from Russia to Israel.

Those who come are not confused, but filled with anger and despair. Many do not want to belong to a country that commits meaningless crimes.

According to the magazine Forbes Half of Russia’s 35 billionaires have dual citizenship. Fifteen of them hold citizenship in Cyprus, where you can get a passport if you invest at least two million euros. At least 11 of them hold Israeli citizenship.

Under Israeli law, anyone of Jewish origin can obtain citizenship in the country. New citizens of Israel also get a ten-year exemption from reporting and paying taxes on income earned abroad.

One of those who received an Israeli passport in 2018 is the oligarch Abramovich.

He became a dictator in the oil and aluminum industry after the fall of the Soviet Union.

In 2005, he sold the oil company that he managed to manage to energy giant Gazprom for $13 billion, and later bought Chelsea Football Club, which he had to sell this year when it was hit by Western sanctions.

Many of his investments and assets have been frozen, and he has received them Refusal to travel within the European Union.

Bucha: The suburb outside Kyiv has seen some of the most serious Russian abuses against the civilian population of Ukraine.

But where the West responded with harsh sanctions, Israel chose not to take an equally clear stance on the war.

Israel does not have its own sanctions law, so the authorities have few opportunities to enforce the sanctions issued by other countries.

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Israel is now in an impasse between its relations with the West, Ukraine and Russia, and is trying to take a neutral position and mediate between Ukraine and Russia.

The Israeli authorities have also stated that they do not want their country to become a free port for oligarchs fleeing sanctions.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapi said in March that “Israel will not be a way to avoid sanctions against Russia issued by the United States and Western countries.”

According to Israeli attorney Elie Gervits, few of his clients fear the penalties will be imposed on them.

Our clients are not afraid of Israeli sanctions or reactions from any other country. But they do not rule out revenge against Russia.