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Trends and curiosities in aesthetic medicine and gerontology to be presented at IMCAS 2022 - News from Florianopolis - Stay on top of Floripa

Trends and curiosities in aesthetic medicine and gerontology to be presented at IMCAS 2022 – News from Florianopolis – Stay on top of Floripa

Between June 3 and 5, the 23rd Annual World Congress of the International Master’s Course on Gerontology (IMCAS) took place at the Palácio do Congresso in Paris, France, which is considered the world’s most important scientific conference in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Luisa Casser, a specialist in facial contouring with an office in Florianopolis, was present at the event and here shares the highlights, key studies and trends in the region.

After some cancellations and postponements in recent years, due to the pandemic, the 23rd edition of IMCAS, the world’s largest international conference for aesthetic medicine, was held last weekend. There were three intense days, where over 12,000 health professionals gathered in lectures, roundtables, workshops, seminars and courses with 700 world-renowned speakers. 280 exhibitors presented the most modern and innovative in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and gerontology.

Dr. Louisa Kasserspecialist in face coordination with an office in the agricultural district, in FlorianópolisAnd the He was in Paris during the event. With 15 years of experience in the health field, and more than 10 participations in national and international courses, being at IMCAS 2022 came to add more knowledge and technology. “It was three days of wonderful learning, NetworksAnd the ideas and discoveries. Dr. says. Luisa who has already collected over 200 specific hours of studies in the field of facial contouring and skin treatments.

see below Highlights From the 23rd edition From the Annual Global Conference of the International Master’s Course in Gerontology (IMCAS):


Male market growth of 900% in recent years;

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In England, it is an offense to inject substances for cosmetic purposes into patients under the age of 18;

New collagen fibers generated by biostimulators can last up to 15 years, so the results of this treatment are not immediate, and appear over time;

Research shows that patients seek facial coordination to gain more confidence;

Research shows that men who suffer from fatigue give the impression of weakness


Less invasive and aggressive procedures with increasingly natural and permanent results;

Anti-aging planning based on intergenerational comparison (mother and daughter, for example);

the use of botulinum toxin to improve the skin (closing pores and treating sebum);

new technologies peeling Tightening and treating wrinkles, without aggressively scaling the skin, as in the past

The 24th edition of IMCAS is scheduled for January 2023, at a location yet to be determined.