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Triathlon doping, tear-jerking: it's Olympic night on Tuesday

Triathlon doping, tear-jerking: it’s Olympic night on Tuesday

Triathlon stimulant, tear shooting
It was Tuesday Olympic night

The Germans have won three medals so far at the Olympics. The team in Tokyo will have to wait for the gold medal – just like the one given to Bermuda in the triathlon. On the contrary, there are some disappointments on Tuesday night.

Taekwondo: Alexander Bachmann lost his first fight and had to bury his golden dream. In the 16th round of the 80 kg weight class, Stuttgart lost 7:11 to Kazakhs Ruslan Shabaro. The 27-year-old now has to believe his opponent will make it to the finals. Then he will have to start the confidence round again, still get a chance for the bronze.

Swimming: Only 17-year-old breaststroke swimmer Lydia Jacobi is surprised to have won Olympic gold in the 100m. The American won over South African Datjana Schonmaker and her teammate and best favorite Lily King. British Tom Dean wins men’s 200m freestyle Australian Kaylee McKean won the Australian 100km in Olympic record time of 57.47. In the men’s division, Russian Evgeny Rylo won over Clement Kolsnikov of Russia. From a German point of view, Isabel Goss and Annika Brune lost in the semifinals of the 200-meter freestyle.

Triathlon: Laura Lindemann clearly missed a medal in the end. After a promising start, third place at the 2020 World Championships crossed the finish line in eighth place just 2:48 minutes behind Flora Duffy, Bermuda’s first Olympic champion. The silver went to British world champion Georgia Taylor-Brown and the bronze went to American Katie Jafferus. Annabel Knol, the second German starter from Ingolstadt, finished 31st. Ukrainian Julija Gelistradova was suspected of doping.

Boxing: Hamburg-based heavyweight boxer Ammar Riyad Abdulzabar has advanced to the quarterfinals of the Olympics in Tokyo. In the 91kg weight class, 25-year-old Peruvian Jose Maria Lucar unanimously defeated James by points. In the quarterfinals, the athlete, who emigrated from Iraq to Germany, will now face world and European champion Muslim Katsimakomedo from Russia on July 30.

Shoot: Kareena Wimmer and Christian Reeds were eliminated in the qualifiers for mixing with an air pistol. With 571 rings, the 25-year-old Olympic debutant, an experienced Rio Olympic champion with a quick-fire gun, advanced only to twelfth in the elimination – only the top eight teams advanced to the next round. China won the first Olympic gold in this competition. Tears of disappointment flowed from Wimmer after the end.

Corona: The other two athletes have been tested positive for the corona virus. Organizers said a total of seven new infections were found around the summer games. The number of positive tests related to the games has risen to 155 since registration began on July 1st.

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