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Tribuna do Norte - Region with nine municipalities in case of dengue epidemic

Tribuna do Norte – Region with nine municipalities in case of dengue epidemic

Another municipality in the area is experiencing an epidemic of dengue fever, according to the weekly epidemiological bulletin issued yesterday by the state health department (Sesa-PR). It is Rio Bom that has confirmed ten cases of the disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. There are now nine cities in this status in the area covered by the 16th Sanitary Region (RS), in Apucarana, which covers 17 municipalities.

It is considered an epidemic when the rate is greater than 300 cases per 100,000 population. Rio Bom has reached the mark of 312.21, according to a survey by Sesa-PR.

There is also an arabungas epidemic (2,876 cases); Borazopolis (42 cases); good success (94 cases); faxinal (131 cases); Grandes Rios (56 cases), Jandaia do Sul (189 cases), Marumbi (699 cases) and Sabáudia (67 cases).

There are confirmed cases in the area in eight other cities: Abukarana (246), California (11), Canbera (24), Calorie (10), Marylandia do Sul (33), Mawa da Serra (5), Novo Itacolome (4). and São Pedro do Ifay (21 years old). The region added 182 new cases of the disease, according to the weekly bulletin.

The result engenders vigilance, says nurse Leandro Benedetto, primary care coordinator at Rio Bom. But he stresses that the municipality is doing permanent work to combat the mosquitoes that transmit the disease, with measures to prevent it, clean-up efforts, and the eradication of Aedes aegypti breeding sites.

The latest survey of the Aedes aegypti Rapid Index (LIRAa) showed an infection of 5.8% in the city, while the recommended rate is less than 1%. We are working to prevent an increase in cases. In addition to these street measures, we are focusing on guiding and informing residents of the risks,” the nurse explains.

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Another 5,514 new cases and six deaths from dengue were confirmed in Parana this Tuesday (5), according to the state health department.

In the current seasonal period of the disease, which began on August 1, 2021 and continues until the end of this month, the state recorded 71 deaths. There are 115,634 confirmed cases, 25,566 under investigation and 235,388 notifications.

The six deaths confirmed on Tuesday occurred between May 5 and 27, 2022. There are three women and three men, aged between 27 and 87. Two of them had comorbidities. Deaths were recorded in the cities of Cascavel (2), Pontal do Paraná (1), Foz do Iguaçu (1), Japurá (1) and Bela Vista do Paraíso (1).

Also according to the secretariat, out of the 385 municipalities with notifications, there are 356 confirmed cases. In addition, 314 indigenous people have been registered, that is, when dengue is contracted in the municipality of residence.