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Trice was crazy, but he's not the Man of the Match.  Decisive meeting will take place!

Trice was crazy, but he’s not the Man of the Match. Decisive meeting will take place!

What a crazy game it is. Great half of Travis Tries, great end of Alexander Tsiva and வெற்றிląska Wrocław’s victory over Enia Justel BC Zielona Góra 87:80. This means the pair will have their fifth encounter in the semifinals.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Travis Tries

Press Material / Wojciech Zebula / WKS Śląsk / Photo by: Travis Trice

Silesia escapes the ax for the second time! In crazy game number four he won in the fourth quarter. However, “on the way”, Jak lost the carol (knee injury).

Travis Tries scored 28 points in the first half, using 10 of the game’s 12 shots (including 7/8 from behind the curve).

Ene Justel BC, however, continued bravely, limiting MVP Energy Basket League’s performances to five “points” after the break.

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In the third quarter, Gilona Cora’s team took the lead with 64:58, but Silesia were able to return to the game, and in the fourth quarter, coach Andrzej Urleb took a slip from his sleeve, which was Alexander DeSiva. His performance in this match was questionable due to an ankle injury and he finally became the main focus.

Podkoszowy Śląska has played a quarter role in his lifetime. In it he got all 15 of his points! The rivals did not know how to stop him, and he did what he wanted under the basket. Thanks to him, the hosts were able to take a double-digit advantage, and the match was “closed” by Lucas Colenda in a long throw.

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Ene Justal BC missed his chance, and was furious to see his players helpless in the fight against nine at the end of Oliver Widen. The best player on the Zielona Góra team was Nemanja Nenadić (18 points, four rebounds and four assists).

The Serbian was trapped in a situation where Carolac was injured, but undoubtedly had no bearing on what happened to one of Jastal’s leaders. Yes, he fouled the opponent, but that did not affect what happened next.

Zilona returns to Cora for the decisive fifth game of the series. The meeting will begin at 8:30 pm on Saturday, April 30, in the CRS Hall.

In the semifinals (series starting on Tuesday, May 3), Gruba Searlezi Kharny Sloopskin’s team is waiting for a contender to finish the series with Kingschess on Thursday (winning the series 3: 1).

WKS Śląsk Wrocław – Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra 87:80 (25:26, 23:20, 19:22, 20:12)

Silesia: Travis Trice 33, Alexander Tsiva 15, Kerem Conder 14, Lucas Colenda 10, Jacques Carroll 8, Evan Ramljack 3, Cody Justice 2, Martin Meyers 0, De Mitric Tries 0, Simon Tomsack 0.

Stopped: Jaroslav Jiskovsky 19, Nemanja Nenatik 18, Dragon Abik 12, Presimislav Żołnierewicz 9, Devin Marble 9, Ousmane Drame 4, David Premble 4, Andrzej Mazurczakz2, Krlimasz2

The steel of the competition: 2: 1 For Ene Justalu BC. Gilona Cora

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Who will play in the Energy Basketball League Semifinals?

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