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Triple H is almost released from WWE

Triple H is almost released from WWE

DX is one of the most popular groups in wrestling, due to its disrespectful and unfriendly attitude towards families and youth.

This behavior caused dissatisfaction with the file USA Network And the triple Hwhen interviewed with SPORTBible, revealed that he had gotten to the point where Vince McMahon threatened every week to release The Game, and even recalled the famous game. promo Referring to the US network’s speech due to the language used by the group:

We said “Let’s take the message and use it on TV” (Vince McMahon) We asked “In what way?” I said, “Let’s make this a comedy routine.”

He said, “Well, make sure it’s funny,” but he has a very skewed sense of what’s funny, so it’s okay. We made it like a podium and the three of us got on the podium, like Sean (Michaels) was president and we were after him.

We checked the word list and they beeped on the words we weren’t allowed to say. We said, “This is straight from the US, and we at D Generation X are apologizing for our positions, let’s stop saying the words…” and we reviewed the entire list.

The next day we got a message from the US saying “Congratulations on the ratings last night, what DX did with our message was funny. Congratulations on the success, here goes for many more years.

What do you think of Triple H’s comments?

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