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Trojan for iPhone?  A new virus steals Face ID data

Trojan for iPhone? A new virus steals Face ID data

A well-known “Trojan horse”-style virus, developed to attack Android, has acquired a more advanced version and is now capable of infecting iOS. The malware, known as “GoldDigger”, is capable of stealing facial biometric data and identity documents and intercepting SMS messages to access banking applications.

The main concern surrounding the malware is that newer versions of iOS and iPadOS are also vulnerable to its effects. It is very likely that Apple will soon release a security update to eliminate the vulnerability permanently.

according to Group-IB, who discovered the new version of the Trojan, hackers lure their victims through TestFlight, a platform where developers test applications that will be made available on the Apple platform. However, Apple discovered this method and the vulnerability was fixed soon after.

Hackers have now discovered a new way to communicate with users: convincing device users to install a Mobile Device Management profile that gives criminals full control of the cell phone who can install the software without any resistance.

Furthermore, another modus operandi identified was to induce users to download the Trojan outside of the app store domains. A Trojan horse is malicious software disguised as an official and secure application, which is why it is known as a “Trojan horse”, because its method of selecting victims is based on victims giving permission to access their electronic devices voluntarily – most of the time scams.

For this reason, it is recommended that smartphone users avoid installing applications outside of official mobile platform stores as much as possible. In some cases, it may seem beneficial to avoid fees or unlock “premium features” for free through unofficial methods, but this practice can make the cell phone vulnerable to the action of malicious agents.

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According to available information, coups are concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in Vietnam and Thailand, but invasions in other regions of the planet are not completely excluded.