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Trombone Champ is (rough) music to my ears

Trombone Champ is (rough) music to my ears

Imagine Guitar champ, but instead of guitars, you play the trombone. Rockers with prickly mohawks and chic outfits give way to horses, baboons, and sausages. Oh, and instead of booing for missing a note, you’re just called “disgusting.”

This is it Trombone Champ, an indie game made by just two people, from Holy Wow studio, which has conquered Internet users and has become one of the most downloaded games on Steam in recent weeks. All thanks to pure fun. Although there are no tense fights like elden ring Or an Oscar-worthy story like God of War RagnarokA strong contender for the title of Game of the Year (or nearly).

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The game has 20 songs available, all inspired by classic melodies. Some are more famous, like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony it’s the England anthem, while others are remixes and original scores written by the developers – the most fun, in my opinion. Although you may not know the name or author of some songs, you have definitely heard them at some point in your life.

Below, see the gameplay of skabirdan original song from the game (and one of the craziest):

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The magic is due to the incongruous trombone and difficult gameplay: you need to move the mouse, upside down, and press any key on the keyboard when the note reaches the left corner of the screen. It may seem easy in the first few songs, but gradually everything becomes more difficult.

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I myself, for example, had several fits of laughter while playing. With great concentration, I noticed my body instinctively tilting to the left and starting to itch as the position got tight. All this while I misspelled all the notes William Tell Introduction – Yes, the game allows you to play as you like, without interrupting you for being so wrong, a free disaster pass.

After making an exotic show, you can visit the game’s collectibles section. In it, it is possible to exchange points for cards; There are more than 50 in total. They all contain information about famous trombons, telling them who they are, where they come from and how important they are in the music scene. The text also brings light humor, such as obsession with hot dogs, and foolish conclusions, such as “She played very well most of the time, except when she played poorly.”

Photo: Disclosure / Holly Wow / Canaltech

At first glance, the game is endless, that is, it has no end. You’re wrong: there is a menu showing a secret room with a gold record and a trombone shadow. To access its contents – with a secret boss, including – you need to earn a rank of S in four songs (xiii, unlock it…), a blue key, a red key, and collect all 50 cards. See what awaits you in the final stage:

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Ah, don’t worry: the game doesn’t have microtransactions. The producers promise that more songs will come to the game at no additional cost, as well as accessibility settings and subtitles in more languages. Unfortunately, the game is only available in English.

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Perhaps a good opportunity for those who have never played an instrument to venture into music. No wonder there are several clips showing players in trouble. Someone even made a mod that allows you to use a real trombone as a console. The details are that he himself does not know how to play the trombone.


Trombone Champ

Irresistible, even for those who aren’t as diligent in the gaming world. Give yourself this chance to fiasco with your mouth on the trombone.

Trombone Champ Available for PC, via Steam, for R$28.99.

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