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Trouble in Heaven?  Joao Reyes complains about Catarina Furtado's behaviour: 'Sometimes it's too much' - Nacional

Trouble in Heaven? Joao Reyes complains about Catarina Furtado’s behaviour: ‘Sometimes it’s too much’ – Nacional

João Reyes encountered the habit of Catarina Furtado, which he does not like very much and the actor has not kept to himself: “The habit of Catarina that annoys me the most … my children … always plays the key: ‘Don’t forget this, don’t forget that, don’t forget that too much'” The 57-year-old actor, who has two children, was shot with the RTP star.

It all happened on RFM’s morning show, where Joao Reyes went to promote his work…but where he faced the “Kara Rottery” questions. “I know it’s a mother,” he replied, “but sometimes that’s too much,” he shot. “She’s a mother too much,” RFM animators joked, and they burst into laughter at Catarina Furtado’s husband’s complaint. “It’s a mom sometimes, yeah, yeah,” Reese confirmed with a smile.

In these situations, what does he do? “I snore a little,” Joao Reyes admitted, leaving the broadcasters laughing. João Reis added, “I’m a great person,” as he helped out the most with the party in the studio. “I usually water the plants all naked,” Catarina Furtado’s husband revealed, when asked by animators. “It’s going back to nature,” Joao added. “It’s something completely stripped, and I’m watering the plants completely naked.”

With no preconceived notions about answering daring questions, João Reyes admitted he used to smoke, assuming “Now I smoke in those crazy, windy machines, as my son says”. It ensured that he had no more addictions.

Joao Reyes also revealed that the first step in their relationship, which lasted 17 years, was taken by Catarina Furtado. “She’s bolder than me.”

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