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Trovensi: The captain and two other players were sent off

Trovensi: The captain and two other players were sent off

The SAD of the Trofa logo communicated its decision to the three athletes last Tuesday; Contacted by A BOLA, the President preferred not to comment

Trofense released Fabio Pimenta, Miguel Vinagre and Letos.

From what A BOLA found, the decision was communicated to the players last Monday, and the next day, the three athletes met with the SAD of the Trofa logo, but there was no agreement to end the relations.

Subsequently, our newspaper also learns that the three players have written confirmation (via letter) that they do not need to visit Trofense’s facilities again.

However, according to data collected by A BOLA, the basis for this decision was to reduce the wage bill. A BOLA contacted the president of Trofense’s SAD, Hugo Ferreira, and he strictly refused to make any statements about this situation.

Fabio Pimenta (striker and team captain who had a contract until 2025), Miguel Vinagre (central defender/defensive midfielder) and Letos (central defender/left-back) – all of whom completed their first season at Trofense – will now follow the respective processes within the legal proceedings. What is certain is that, at the moment, they cannot do what they love most: playing football.

Remember that Trofense is currently competing in League 3 (after being eliminated from League 2 in 2022/2023), and is ranked 9th and penultimate in Serie A with 6 points.

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