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HomesportTrubin was Ukraine's best player but Macedonians underestimate defenses: 'We just shot...

Trubin was Ukraine’s best player but Macedonians underestimate defenses: ‘We just shot him’ – Benfica

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Benficista stood out against North Macedonia

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Once again, with him as Ukraine’s goalkeeper, Anatoly Trubin was invaluable this afternoon. It can even be said that if it had not been for Benfica, the three points that the Ukrainians won against North Macedonia would have been in danger. The goalkeeper made several saves in the 2-0 win in Group C qualifying for the European Championship 2024. As a result, the young goalkeeper ended up being named Man of the Match.

Minutes after Serhiy Rebrov’s men opened the scoring (30), through Sudakov, Trubin avoided an equaliser. In the 37th minute, for example, the young goalkeeper caught the eye with two successive tackles. Later, in the 53rd minute, they leveled the score again at 1-0 after a beautiful cross from Chorlinov. In the stands of the Generali Arena, in the Czech Republic, the Ukrainians celebrated as if it were a goal.

Only after ninety (minute 90+6) did Ukraine breathe a sigh of relief. After Trubin’s good interventions, Karavaev reduced the score to 2-0 with a goal from long range, taking advantage of Dmitrievsky’s lead. It is important to say that Dimitrievsky prevented the Ukrainian team from scoring several times.

At the end of the match, the 22-year-old goalkeeper received the award whose election was promoted by the Ukrainian Federation. Trubin received 36% of the votes, ahead of Sudakov (28%) and Mykhailo Modric (21%).

Alioski relativizes the exposition

On the side of Tropin’s rivals, Ezjan Alioski evaluated the goalkeeper’s performance. “Trubin? I don’t know if he was the best player on the field, but he did a great job. He made a lot of saves. He was happy on his side. He’s a great goalkeeper, I don’t know if I can compare him to Stoll Dmitrievskiy… I’m not ready,” he said. “To give credit to Trubin a lot, because we just attacked him and it was easy for him to defend.”

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