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Trump allies win in several states

Trump allies win in several states

The strongest victory was in North Carolina, where the relatively unknown Ted Budd won the contest to become the Republican candidate in the November Senate elections. With Trump’s support, he beat out a number of rivals, including former governor Pat McCrory.

However, Representative Madison Cawthorne, another Trump favorite in North Carolina, lost her constituency’s primary. Cawthorne is the youngest representative in Congress, and has drawn attention to a number of crimes and allegations that members of Congress engage in cocaine orgy.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans had to choose candidates for both governor and Senate elections in November. Trump’s gubernatorial candidate, the far-right Doug Mastriano, won on promises that he would fight against election fraud. Trump and his supporters still deny that he lost the 2020 presidential election. And they keep coming back with unsubstantiated allegations of widespread electoral fraud in a number of states.

It is more uncertain who will be the Republican candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania. Renowned surgeon Mehmet Oz, who has Trump’s backing, was still on the same page with David McCormick on Wednesday morning. Among other things, Oz has been criticized for not living in Pennsylvania, but in neighboring New Jersey.

In Idaho, Trump’s favorite candidate in the governor’s election lost to an incumbent.

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