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Trump attacked the judge in court

Trump attacked the judge in court

Former President Donald Trump harshly criticized the judge during the conclusion of the trial in which he was accused of fraud.


Final proceedings in the civil case were held on Thursday. Trump wanted to conduct his final proceedings himself, but was not given the opportunity to do so. The judge denied the request when Trump refused to accept restrictions that would prevent him from using the courtroom to campaign.

However, Trump was allowed to say a few words after the defender had his say.

– I am an innocent man, the former president insisted.

– You can't listen to me

Trump then harshly criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James, who sued him for fraud.

-Trump claimed they wanted to make sure I wouldn't win again.

When the referee ordered him to finish, he fired the following ball:

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-You have your own agenda, you can't listen to me for more than a minute.

Authorities in New York State believe that Trump is guilty of fraud and are demanding that he pay fines amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Additionally, Attorney General Letitia James wants to ban Trump from doing business in New York.

Bomb threat

Before the final court session began, Judge Arthur Engoron was subjected to a bomb threat. The police went to his home without finding anything suspicious.

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Trump believes the trial is politically motivated, which his defender Christopher Casey also claimed in court on Thursday.

This entire case is a fabricated allegation to promote a political agenda, Casey said.

Authorities in New York, for their part, believe that both Trump and his two eldest sons inflated the values ​​at the Trump Organization's company. The motive must have been to secure better terms with banks and insurance companies.