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Trump is in trouble: – He’s going to kill someone

Trump is in trouble: – He’s going to kill someone

New York (Dagbladet): Trump may have tried to control himself when he claimed last week on his version of the Truth Social Twitter that he would be arrested in New York on Tuesday. Here he is under investigation in connection with $130,000 (about NOK 1,365,000) that was allegedly paid as hush money to porn actor Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

Takes action on spam

At the time of writing, Trump has not yet been arrested, but an indictment appears to be moving closer than ever for the former president. He is also surrounded by a number of other investigations that could end in more charges.

Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social that he will be arrested on Tuesday next week. He asks his supporters to protest and “take the country back.” Photo: NTB. Reporter: Christian Fjermeros/Dagbladet
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In recent days, Trump has responded by dramatically escalating his rhetoric while gathering financial support from loyal supporters. This week alone it has collected $1.5 million (approximately NOK 15,750,000).

– dangerous

Many respond to the statement of Trump, who wants demonstrations. Many also point to his statements as direct threats and very similar statements made by the former president before the deadly attack on Congress on January 6, 2021.

– This is dangerous. Democratic Congress President Hakeem Jeffries told the press on Friday that if he continues, he will kill someone, according to several outlets including Watchman And Washington Post.

Criticism: Democratic Congressional Chair Hakeem Jefferies.  Photo: Kevin Deitch/Getty Images

Criticism: Democratic Congressional Chair Hakeem Jefferies. Photo: Kevin Deitch/Getty Images
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Jefferies himself represents parts of New York.

– Jefferies says the rhetoric of the former president, who has been impeached twice, is inexcusable, reprehensible, and irresponsible.

Stormy Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump while his wife, Melania, was pregnant with their son, Barron, in 2006.

Trump denies the case and calls both this and other investigations a political witch hunt.

key witness

However, Trump’s former attorney and lawyer, Michael Cohen, had to serve a prison sentence for his role in the case. He is said to have transferred the money to Stormy Daniels before the election that Trump won in 2016, and has since received payments from Trump for “legal expenses”.

A fateful week for Trump:

A fateful week for Trump: “panic”

Cohen is now a staunch critic of Trump and one of the prosecution’s key witnesses in New York. The former president accuses Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg of acting politically and racist.

Bragg is the first African American to hold such a powerful office, and US media speculate that he is now considering indicting Trump on charges of forging trade documents, violating campaign finance laws and tax fraud.

Over the past week, Trump has falsely claimed that he will be arrested this past Tuesday. according to Watchman He is also said to have discussed the possibilities of walking in front of the press in handcuffs.

Former President Donald Trump has been reviewed for his new song. Video: NTB, Twitter, Reuters. Correspondent: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Multiple crimes

Trump also asked his supporters to come to the demonstration. So far, very few have demonstrated in support of their great champion, but security has been beefed up around the courthouse in lower Manhattan.

In recent days, Trump has also ratcheted up his rhetoric even further. On his own social medium, Truth Social, on Thursday he posted, among other things, a photo of himself with a bat next to Bragg. This is likely to lead to new legal problems for Trump.

Threatening the attorney general is a crime in New York. In fact, there are multiple crimes: harassment in the first degree, threats in the second degree, and stalking in the third or fourth degree. And that’s just the beginning, former director of ethics in the Barack Obama White House and current senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Norm Eisen, writes about Twitter About Trump’s speech.

But Trump has made no attempt so far to cool the temperature. On the contrary, it brings what many see as a clear threat similar to the days leading up to January 6th.

Roper's own letters: - Rævslicket

Roper’s own letters: – Rævslicket

– mentally retarded

Know that the prospect of death and destruction under a false accusation could be disastrous for our country. Why and who would do such a thing? Just a degenerate psychopath who really hates the United States! Among other things, the former president writes about Bragg on Truth Social.

Earlier this week, bomb threats were reported at the courthouse. It is unclear if this is related to the Trump case, but events have caused another hearing in another case against the former president to be postponed.

On Friday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office received an envelope containing white powder addressed to Alvin. It is proved that the powder is not dangerous.

Trump also spent the past week referring to Bragg as a “Soros-supported animal.” Soros here refers to the Jewish and Democratic businessman George Soros. Critics see Trump’s characterization as an apparent anti-Semitic attempt to impress supporters of the far-right.

The big lie

The big lie

Disgraceful attack

“This shameful attack is not a dog whistle, but a haze of explosive, anti-Semitic bile, spewed out with the sole intent of threatening and sabotaging a fact-based legal and legitimate investigation,” says civil rights activist and pastor Al Sharpton in a joint statement with a number of New York Democratic politicians. , according to New York Daily News.

Jeffreys believes the situation is similar to the days leading up to January 6th. At the time, Trump falsely claimed that he had won the November 2020 presidential election. He then told his supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn the election results. And his supporters ended up launching a violent attack on Congress, which was on its way to certifying Joe Biden as the country’s next president.

“I really hate him”

– We have already seen the results of the ex-president’s agitation. He is mainly responsible for sparking the violent uprising that took place on January 6th. Jeffries says he was clearly not educated.

Nine deaths have been linked to the storming of Congress. Since then, more than a thousand Trump supporters have been arrested and convicted for their actions that day. Trump was also impeached, but was acquitted by Senate Republicans.

In addition to an investigation into alleged bribes to Stormy Daniels, Trump is also under investigation for his role in the assault on Congress, his attempt to overturn the Florida election results, and illegally keeping classified documents at the home in Mar-a-Lago. -lago.

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