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Trump is testing his political muscle

Trump is testing his political muscle

Donald Trump is backing several candidates ahead of next year’s by-election. But many of them have performed poorly so far.

Lisa Murkowski is running for re-election in Alaska. You voted against Trump in the Supreme Court case earlier this year.

The United States is awaiting an exciting by-election next year. And then the Americans will vote, among other things, on who will get 34 seats in the Senate.

Former President Donald Trump has so far backed 15 candidates. Their success may be important to him, says Professor Jennifer Lee Bailey of NTNU.

– He’s looking to 2024, and he wants to show that he’s important to the party, she said.

It was usually better, Bailey says, to have Trump’s support than not. Many of his candidates are expected to stand strong in the by-election. However, there have been a number of mixed results in recent years. Not everyone who supported him became a clear winner.

For Trump, it will be more important to achieve success with his candidates than lose, says Bailey.

He doesn’t want to compete

The 2024 presidential election isn’t the only reason Trump will support more Senate candidates. It will also be important for him to impeach everyone who voted against him in the Supreme Court case earlier this year, says Hjalmar McGildy, a researcher at Norce Research.

However, Megildy is not completely convinced that Trump will run for re-election in 2024. He believes that the fear of losing could put an end to a new presidential election.

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It is currently uncertain whether Donald Trump will run for re-election in 2024.

Trump has stated that he has great faith that he will win if he runs for re-election. He said this in an interview with Fox Business. It is not yet clear if he will go to the polls again.

– What matters first and foremost for Trump is to avoid internal rivals in 2024. He does not want competition, but coronation, wrote Migilde in an email to Aftenposten.

Tough choices in Alaska

Seven Republican senators voted against Trump in the Supreme Court case earlier this year. Among them is only Candidate for re-election in 2022. It’s Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

Trump expressed his displeasure with Murkowski as early as March, before the senator announced she would run.

Under no circumstances will I support failed candidate Lisa Murkowski. She is a bad representative for her country and a worse representative for her country, Tell Politico in March.

Kelly Chebaka gets support from Trump ahead of the elections in Alaska.

Megildy believes that Trump’s demands on fellow party members are loyalty to himself. The former president is also looking to exact revenge on internal opponents and consolidate his personal grip on the party, he continues.

Trump is currently finding his allegiance in Murkowski’s rival Kelly Chebaka. Among other things, Tshibaka supports Trump’s allegations of election fraud in 2020, writes for the New York Times.

Trump’s candidates should support the conspiracy theory that he stole the election from him. This is the best way to show loyalty to Trump, wrote Miglide.

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No clear leadership

Despite the support of the former president, Tshibaka is still close by in the fight against Murkowski. On the other hand, Murkowski got more financial support for his campaign, and initial opinion polls do not promise a clear victory for Chebaka.

She is not the only one who has a difficult path to victory. Nor does Trump’s Alabama candidate, Mo Brooks, have clear leadership in the party. Brooks is a member of the House of Representatives and is now running for the Senate.

Brooks has a close fight against fellow party member Katie Brett in Alabama. Brett is running for the first time. Among other things, she has received the most financial support from Brooks thus far, which is Also officially supported By one of the largest agricultural organizations in Alabama. This is an organization that represents one of Trump’s main categories.

Many scandals

Trump also suffers from many scandals among his selected candidates. Last week, Sean Parnell had to cancel his campaign in Pennsylvania afterwards They lost their children’s care. This happens, among other things, after Domestic violence accusations from his ex-wife. Trump lent his support to Parnell in September, CNN . writes.

At the same time, Herschel Walker, a former football player and Georgia nominee, was charged with crimes Threatened his ex-wife. And Walker, who has also received Trump’s support, appears to be doing well in Georgia. I wrote that it shows an internal party poll Politico.