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Trump Jr.  Sells "Alec Baldwin Kills People" T-shirts: - Disgusting - VG

Trump Jr. Sells “Alec Baldwin Kills People” T-shirts: – Disgusting – VG

Wake up disgusting: Donald Trump Jr. The sale of his shirt after the tragedy of the New Mexico shooting did not go unnoticed. The photo shows the former president’s son (left) and father Donald Trump during a speech to the National Rifle Association (NRA) gun organization in 2018.

President Donald Trump has been resenting Alec Baldwin since the actor has mocked him. Now Donald Trump Jr’s son is winning. In the shooting incident in New Mexico.


While the American film industry is in shock and sadness afterwards The tragedy that unfolded in the movie “Rust” that takes place in New Mexico last week, son of former President Donald Trump Jr. (43) T-shirts, jackets and hoodies Making fun of actor Alec Baldwin (63).

The latter fired a bullet that accidentally killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins (42) on Thursday, October 21. Director Joel Sousa, 48, was wounded by the same bullet in what was described as the accident.

On Monday this week, Trump Jr. did the promotion. On Instagram Stories he sold T-shirts with the caption “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.”

In Norwegian it translates to “weapons don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people”.

From the online store on their website, Don Jr., as it is also called, sells a variety of clothes in different colors with a white Baldwin harselasen print on the front. The clothes bearing the inscription were still on sale in the online store when VG checked out on Tuesday afternoon.

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HANGING OUT BALDWIN: These are the Donald Trump Jr shirts. She sells from the online store on her website.

Attacks Auntie and Anthony Fauci

Donald Trump Jr. It is not uncommon to treat others with their products. In the online store you will also find clothes with the inscription “Everyone has crazy Aunt Nancy” (In Norwegian “Everyone’s Crazy Aunt Nancy”, magazines.) – With a clear speech by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

She showed her opinion of Donald Trump to the whole world when she was in February 2020 He tore his speech in two as Trump talked about the state of the empire.

Trump Jr. He also sells T-shirts that read “Fauci kill puppies” and “Fauci lied, dogs are dead,” which can be translated as “Fauci kills puppies” and “Fauci lied, dogs are dead.” As President, Donald Trump is out of the pandemic An increasingly strained relationship with infection control expert Anthony FauciHe is an immunologist and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States.

– Sam

Several media reported selling T-shirts. According to the British independent No Trump Jr. Including a photoshopped image of Alec Baldwin himself with the text manipulated across his chest.

Author’s description c. David Bethel called the Trump family “toxic” on Twitter.

Trump Jr is 43 years old. He also joked about the incident in what critics considered malicious comments. not back down:

To anyone with false holiness leave Alec Baldwin alone, let’s all remember that Alec Baldwin would be the first person to pee on everyone’s grave if the shoes were on the other foot (Norwegian meaning: “If this applies to others than it,” magazines.). Heck him! Trump Jr writes. on instagram.

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I was greeted with disgust

The reactions were not long in coming. Several prominent Hollywood stars have expressed their disgust with social media.

Former “One Tree Hill” star and activist Sophia Bush, 39, was among those opposing the former president’s son.

I hope the Hutchins family sue the Trumps from here forever. This is disgusting. An accident at work cost a woman her life, and the Trump clan turns this into a prank for profit, on Twitter.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing, 53, is not married.

– Don Jr. It’s a rancid piece of trash. Wife, mother and colleague dead. How dare you make money in this amazing tragedy. You are a sick and unloved person. I hope you get the same amount of sympathy if the tragedy of your joy strikes, the messages have gone viral on Twitter.

Old “enemies”

Donald Trump Jr. wallpaper. Willpower in the aftermath of the shooting incident The parody battle between his father and Alec Baldwin that lasted for years.

Baldwin got plenty of laughs and praise for his “Saturday Night Live” cartoon in which he mocked Donald Trump (75), something Trump himself never hid and didn’t like.

Five different actors have been making fun of Trump for “SNL” since 1988, when he was a real estate barron in New York. In the past, Phil Hartmann, Daryl Hammon, Jason Sudeikis and Taran Killam have mocked the former president.

Alec Baldwin started as a Trump parody in 2016 and is the one who made fun of the billionaire most of the time on the TV show.

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When Baldwin received an Emmy for his role in 2017, Trump joked in his acceptance speech.

Finally, Mr. President, she has is your amy, Baldwin said with a clear swipe at Trump, who himself did not receive the award for his “Apprentice” reality show.

President Parodi: Actor Alec Baldwin has mocked Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live for years. Pictured here in 2017.

Trump offended Amy’s speech

The actress — who has an adult daughter from her relationship with Kim Basinger and five younger children than his current wife Hilaria Baldwin — joked whether mimicking Trump was the reason the wife didn’t get pregnant in 2016.

“To all the men out there, if you wear an orange wig, this works like a contraceptive, believe me,” Baldwin said from the podium.

As a presidential candidate and president, Trump came with repeated stings against Baldwin and stated, among other things, that “SNL” was Terrible TV show..

However, he never went beyond his son’s modus operandi in the aftermath of the shooting incident. In the debate over guns in the United States, Trump himself and his son have made it clear that they are gun advocates.

Update: When VG checked again on Tuesday, October 26 at 20.30 NST, the T-shirts and other clothing with the caption “guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kill people” were removed from the Donald Trump Jr online store. Clothes that reference Aunt Nancy Trump and infection control expert Anthony Fauci are still being sold.

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