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Trump must explain himself in case of financial fraud - VG

Trump must explain himself in case of financial fraud – VG

Former President: Donald Trump was President of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

The court said former US President Donald Trump must answer questions about alleged economic crimes in the Trump Organization under oath.


A New York appeals court ruled on Thursday that former US President Donald Trump must answer questions under oath The case against the Trump Organization. The same goes for his two adult children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

writes news agency AP News.

New York State Attorney General Leticia James is conducting an ongoing civil investigation into whether Trump improperly valued property, such as golf courses and skyscrapers, in order to obtain loans and tax benefits.

Golf Club: Donald Trump owns several golf courses, like this one in New York.

May refuse to answer questions

Trump lawyers He claims to have done what was asked of him.

At the same time, they believe Trump’s order to explain himself was a violation of his constitutional rights, because the answers he provides in connection with the civil investigation can be used in the ongoing parallel criminal investigation that the Manhattan Attorney General’s Office is bringing against the government. Ex-President and Entrepreneur.

For its part, the Minister of Justice’s office said it was not unusual for there to be an investigation into a civil law and a criminal law at the same time. It was upheld by the four judges who believed that the existence of a criminal investigation could not preclude a civil action with the relevant facts.

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However, if Trump ends up providing an explanation under oath, he may refuse to answer questions about the Fifth Amendment, which states that no one in the United States can be asked to contribute to his conviction.

Trump can still appeal the decision, which could end in a civil lawsuit, to a higher court.

Skyscraper: Trump Tower in New York is among the properties that the New York state attorney general believes Trump has falsely valued.

He thinks Trump is guilty

Regarding the second investigation against Donald Trump, which was conducted by the Office of the Attorney General in Manhattan, the man who led that investigation said. Mark Pomerantz, resigned in February in protest that no charges had been filed against Trump at the time.

Shortly before his resignation, Pomerantes wrote a letter he published The New York Times , In which he expressed his belief that the former president was guilty of serious crimes.

“The group that was investigating Trump has no doubts whether he committed crimes – he did,” Pomerantes wrote.

He and Carrie Dunn, who led his investigation, resigned after entering into a dispute with Attorney General Alvin Bragg over the progress of the case.

“witch hunting”

Both began working on the case under the leadership of Prague’s predecessor Cyrus Vance. Both Bragg and Vance are Democrats.

In the letter, Pomerantz wrote that Vance instructed them to present evidence to a grand jury and attempt to file charges “as soon as reasonably permissible.” No previous president has been charged with a crime.

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“I believe your decision not to prosecute Donald Trump now, based on the evidence that exists, was a failure and not in the public interest,” he wrote.

According to the New York Times, Pomerantz and Dunn planned to sue Trump for fraud. They think he cheated on his tax return.

The Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg (73), stayed last year Accused of 15 different crimes in the criminal case Based on the evidence in the Letita James civil case. The indictment dealt, among other things, with gross embezzlement, fraud, conspiracy, tax evasion and account fraud.

Both the organization and Weisselberg have pleaded not guilty.

Trump claims the investigations are a politically motivated “witch hunt.”