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Trump praises the Taliban: - They are good at fighting

Trump praises the Taliban: – They are good at fighting

The Taliban are good at fighting, I can say. You have to praise them for that. They’ve been fighting for a thousand years, and this is what they’re doing: they’re fighting Trump said in an interview with Fox News, it was reproduced by several international bodies modes.

The former US president was not honoring his successor, Joe Biden, and flogged for the way US troops were withdrawn from the war-torn country after 20 years of foreign troops from the US and others. NATO countries.

This is a difficult time for our country

– This is the greatest humiliation of our country ever. This is a difficult time for our country. I don’t know what to call it a military defeat or a psychological defeat. Nothing like this has happened before. It’s Great That We’re Pulling Out, But No One Has Handled Withdrawal Worse Than Joe Biden, Donald Trump Summed Up for TV Station Fox News.

So Trump believes that Biden should resign as president after the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

“It is time for Joe Biden to step down from office in disgrace for allowing what is happening in Afghanistan,” Trump said in an official statement shortly after the Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Negotiating the agreement with the Taliban

He himself does not bear the responsibility for negotiating the agreement that paved the way for the Taliban’s advance and subsequent takeover in the wake of the power vacuum created after the withdrawal of Western forces.

Trump believes that carrying out the lottery would have been different and more successful if he were still president.

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But he is not satisfied with punishing Biden. In addition, he praises the Taliban for the way they fought for power After the government’s best-equipped and numerically superior forces were not willing to fight to the last man, they instead either fled their positions or surrendered.

They are skilled merchants who fought for a thousand years

– What is happening in Afghanistan is unbelievable, and we are deceived by some powerful people who are skilled negotiators. I can tell you that they are skilled negotiators who fought for a thousand years and that it is about negotiating Trump says According to many foreign media.

It was the Trump administration that entered into an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, promising that US and NATO forces would leave the country by May 1, 2021. This deadline was later extended to September 11 by US President Joe Biden.