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Trump proves it's time to air "The Show"

Trump proves it’s time to air “The Show”

NS The creator of the “Squid Game” series said former President Donald Trump helped prove the world was prepared for the dystopian reality he created 10 years ago (which studios successively dismissed as “too weird”).

In an interview with IndiewireSouth Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk noted that he’s had the idea in his wallet since 2008, when it triggered the Lehman Brothers crisis combined with South Korea’s economic crisis, which left residents in serious financial problems, including himself.

The director compares Donald Trump with the series’ VIPs – billionaire patrons who finance the Ghoulish game while anonymously watching the events.

“Then Donald Trump became president of the United States and I think he’s like one of the big guys in a ‘Squid Game.’ It’s like he’s running a game, not a country; he’s terrorizing people. It’s all happening, I think it was time to show this series to the world.”

Hwang Dong Hyuk also pointed out that the situation 10 years ago was different from the current situation, even to be able to release the series – which was initially thought to be a movie.

“The concept itself wasn’t realistic 10 years ago. It was so weird and people thought it wouldn’t be a profitable movie, also because it was violent. There would be problems with audiences and the target audience would be reduced. But they passed. 10 years ago and for Netflix… Their distribution system is different for films; they have fewer restrictions, so I can do whatever I want and feel less pressure on those aspects.”

The South Korean series, which has become the most popular series on Netflix (within a few days the most watched in over 90 countries), centers on a group of 456 indebted people who agree to compete in children’s games in a bid to win the millionaire prize. In return, they risk their lives.

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