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Trump returns on 'revenge tour'

Trump returns on ‘revenge tour’

Since Trump handed the keys to the White House, he has been unusually calm.

However, the night before Sunday in Norwegian time, he was back in front of his fan base, in his first rally since he spoke before Congress was stormed on January 6 – leading to a rally against the Capitol, killing five people. And a new and historic indictment against him by the Supreme Court.

“After just five months, the Biden government is already a complete disaster,” he said to cheers from those present in Wellington, Ohio.

And he continued, “We will restore the House of Representatives, we will restore the Senate, and we will restore America.”

“Four more years, four more years, four more years!” It looked like a big crowd.

Trump has scheduled more rallies in the near future, to support Republicans who defend his values ​​ahead of next year’s by-election. Important seats will be distributed to the House of Representatives and the Senate there, in addition to electing the governor.

plural: Thousands of Trump supporters attended to see the former president speak. Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters/NTP
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Trump has always made it clear that He seeks revenge against the Republicans who voted against him in the Supreme Court case Which, like the previous one, did not end with conviction.

It wasn’t long before he directed his shot at Ohio Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, who was One in ten members of the House of Representatives voted against Trump.

It’s bad news and he’s not respected in Washington DC. On Sunday night, Trump said he voted for the unconstitutional Supreme Court case against me – the witch hunt.

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Already in February, Trump gave his support to Max Miller, who is running against Gonzalez in the state in the by-election.

Max Miller is a brilliant person who has done a good job in the White House. He said at the time that current Congressman Anthony Gonzalez should not represent voters in the 16th District because he does not represent their interests.

“It’s a ‘bluff’, a fake Republican and a disgrace to their state,” Trump said at tonight’s rally.

He also referred to Liz Cheney, who was ousted in May as the third leader of the House Republicans after she criticized Trump for his claims that he lost the election in November due to fraud and the incitement of congressional stormers.

The crowd bowed as Trump mentioned the names.

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Flood borders

On Wednesday, Trump plans to visit the Mexico border, just days after she visited Vice President Kamala Harris and called on her to end the “rhetoric” on immigration. He believes that the Biden government’s immigration policy has led to the challenge the country now faces, rather than addressing it.

According to figures from Customs and Border Authority CBP, it has been at least 20 years since there were so many migrants at the border during the same month as in May this year.

“You have millions of people coming in and we have no idea about them,” Trump said, continuing:

We must stop Biden’s lawless agenda, his untenable immigration policy, and reset borders.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that “crime is booming and murder rates are going up.”

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