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TSMC raises the price of chips from Apple by 3% and AMD by 5%

TSMC raises the price of chips from Apple by 3% and AMD by 5%

It is no longer news that many component manufacturers will increase the production cost of their equipment. TSMC is one of them and the increase implemented can reach 20%.

Now, the latest information indicates that Apple has seen a 3% increase in the price of its chips and AMD has seen a 5% increase in its chips.

Across the industry, firms announce an increase in the price of their output, which will directly affect the value the products will bring to market. For example, TSMC is expected to increase the price of its chips by up to 20%, affecting Apple and AMD. This is the same percentage as Samsung foundry He's also considering a raise, too. In the case of the latter, Nvidia and Qualcomm will be the biggest affected.

Apple chip prices increased by 3%, AMD by 5%

according to InformationTSMC will increase the price by 20% for processes above 7 nm for lithography. Chips 7 nm and lower have an 8% increase.

But it seems that this percentage is not the same for all customers as there are some that are "special" and therefore deserve special treatment. One of them is Apple, which is TSMC's largest customer, responsible for 25% of its sales and also the largest customer in terms of its most advanced manufacturing operations.

As such, the Taiwanese manufacturer has a lower 3% price increase for the apple brand.

Apple iPhone 13 A15 chip image

AMD is also one of the customers with advantages, although not as special as Apple. For this, TSMC increased the cost of producing chips by 5%. The rest of the clients received updated values ​​in percentages within the above-mentioned official values.

However, it is possible that this price change will also be reflected in the final value of the products intended for consumers.

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