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Tuesday's first Windows 11 patch destroys AMD processor performance

Tuesday’s first Windows 11 patch destroys AMD processor performance

A few days ago, we revealed Here That the latest operating system from MicrosoftOh Windows 11, reduce processor performance AMD. AMD itself has acknowledged this situation, and has reported that a patch will be released later in October to rectify the situation.

Even before that happened, Microsoft released what is its first patch Tuesday for Windows 11, which takes the system to version 22000.258, and this update still makes L3 cache latency on Ryzen CPUs worse than it has been so far.

According to the latest tests, the typical L3 latency of the Zen+-based Ryzen 7 2700X is around 10 seconds, which increased by more than 70% in the initial public release of Windows 11, averaging around 17.1 nanoseconds. However, after last night’s Patch Tuesday update, the 2700X now offers an L3 cache latency of 39.1ns in the AIDA64 benchmark. This is almost four times worse than the overall performance of the CPU.

Hard-life AMD processors on Windows 11

Fortunately, there are reports that a Windows update, which is supposed to fix the L3 cache latency problem, is supposed to be released next week, more precisely, on October 19. The same information also adds that the CPPC2 issue will also be fixed with another update that will be released a few days later, on October 21.