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TUGA introduces new offerings for electric cars in three segments: from sports to transporting goods - computers

TUGA introduces new offerings for electric cars in three segments: from sports to transporting goods – computers

Based in Vancouver, Canada, but co-founded by Portuguese Cesar Barbosa, TUGA Innovations is a startup developing urban mobility solutions. in February showed the first working prototype of the TUGA electric carAnd the But it has now revealed its plans to develop a full range of urban mobility solutionswhether for use by independent consumers or for operators with fleets of commercial models.

The company says, based on market research, that it has decided to change its strategy, emphasizing the ability of TUGA’s innovations to easily transform the functional aspects of its base model design. This way, it’s over Several pre-set vehicle configurations, which, although they share many design featurestargeting different uses and customer needs, be it a focus on mobility, services or facilities.

TUGA Innovations offers three classes of vehicles as well as patent-pending component options, such as Retractable rear axle or extendable chassis, which the company later says will be segmented to serve the different needs of market segments.

See the different TUGA models in the gallery:

The first category focuses on High performance, limited edition vehicles capable of receiving transformations, such as removing the windshield and rear cabin to give the Roadster’s driving look and feel. These are compatible with the TUGA Thunder and TUGA Falcon models.

The second group of vehicles includes the TUGA Commuter and TUGA Deliver which are in essence the manufacturer’s showroom models. These allow body parts to be changed, now reconfigured with more safety components.. Vehicles can also be purchased in a package called Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for functional integration into delivery fleets, but also for everyday commuting needs.

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Finally, the TUGA Cargo and TUGA Pickup models Expand its structure to meet the needs of urban microbiology. It has 600 liters of cargo space on the 88cm model, along with a 128cm extended rear axle for added stability.

See photos of the prototype in the gallery:

Regardless of the category, the startup claims that its entire range of vehicles has been designed to aid transit and ease parking.. The retractable axle adds stability at highway speeds and the extendable chassis makes it easier for occupants to enter the vehicle.

In the words of Cesar Barbosa, his startup creates not only a car, but a solution to urban mobility challenges. Project manager adds that Since the introduction of the prototype, the family has grown to offer many other products and features for its electric vehicles.