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Tupac accused in court of murder: – He was the “shooter”

Tupac accused in court of murder: – He was the “shooter”

The trial was postponed until October 19.


Duane “Keefe” Davis appears in court for the first time since he was arrested last Friday and charged with the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

On Wednesday, he was originally scheduled to make his first plea, but when he appeared in court wearing a jumpsuit from the Clark County Detention Center, Davis said the defense attorney needed two weeks to arrange an appearance, the Daily Mail reported. CNN.

Thus, the trial was postponed until October 19.

According to police, Davis is the only surviving suspect in the case.

– “Caller Snapshot”

Tupac’s life ended suddenly and brutally on September 7, 1996. The 25-year-old rapper was shot four times while sitting in a car in Las Vegas. Six days later, Tupac died in hospital.

The perpetrator has been at large since then. Now police in Las Vegas believe the man behind the murder is 60-year-old Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

Davis, a former gang leader, is believed to have organized the killing.

“The best way to describe it is that Duane Davis was the contact of this group of individuals who committed this crime and he coordinated a plan to carry it out,” Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Police Department said, according to CNN. .

District Attorney Steve Wolfson explains that under Nevada law, he could still be charged with murder even if he wasn’t the one who fired the gun.

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Death: This photo of rapper Tupac was taken in 1993.

TMZ wrote that Keefe himself should have said he was a passenger in the car used during the killing, and was the one who delivered the weapon that was used. The other three suspects in the case are dead.

Tupac would be 52 years old if he was still alive.

Despite his young age, Tupac managed to be nominated for a Grammy Award six times. He is one of only 13 rappers to have his own star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame.