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Turkey - Wales: Bale and Welsh push the Turks into Group A (last 0-2)

Turkey – Wales: Bale and Welsh push the Turks into Group A (last 0-2)


  • Welsh beat Turkey (2-0) to temporarily hold Group A lead.
  • Gareth Bale, the teacher of Two Assists, left his mark on the game despite being fined.
  • Having conceded zero points and five goals in two games, the Turks are almost eliminated from the tournament.

Update minute by minute meeting:

Thank you for following us to this match between Wales and Turkey. Immediately, on the show: Italy-Switzerland (9pm), follow live on

The end of the competition. Wales beat Turkey (2-0) in this second Group A match thanks to goals from Ramsay and Roberts at the end of the first half.

Captain Gareth Bale, the teacher of two assists, would have led his team to victory despite a missed penalty. After the draw against Switzerland (1-1), Welsh are now the captain of their team, while waiting for Italy-Switzerland tonight.

With zero points in two games, the Turks, who face Switzerland in the last game, are almost eliminated from the tournament.

90 + 4. The Wales will kill the match. In the final act of the match, Gareth Bale will play late in the corner post. He finally runs with the goal line to serve Roberts on his right back to catch the defenders and push the ball into the net.

90 + 3. In the corner, Bale then goes there without Moore succeeding with their attempt.

90 + 3. Wilson is very close to KO! At one counter, the Welsh face his strike by a Turkish defender. The ball ends in a corner.

90 + 1. General Bagore in Bago! Turkish captain Yilmas wants to release the Welsh player as soon as possible. The situation escalates between the striker and the Welsh defenders. The referee resolves the situation by distributing three yellows: one for Davis, one for Yilmas and one for May. The game starts again.

88. The Welsh reaction is immediate. On the counter-attack, James overtook them all. But the winger misses when he passes towards his teammates, and Harry Wilson can’t take his ball back.

87. Demiral! The Turkish defender is very close to balance. He is superior to everyone and pushes a head towards the goal. Ward pushes back in his line!

87. Corner to be followed by Turkey, Calhanoklu will take care of it.

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84. Evening scorer Aaron Ramsey leads Harry Wilson.

83. New change on the Turkish side. Replaced by Under Kahwechi for final minutes.

79. Ramsay-Bale, the connection works wonderfully. The Welsh midfielder passes for his captain, who catches the ball with his head. It is taken by the Turkish porter.

74. Moore, Chapter 2. The Welsh striker, who played rugby against Switzerland after a head injury, is back. He comes out temporarily bleeding after a trauma with Zion.

73. Change in midfield on the Welsh side. Allen replaces Ambedkar. On the Turkish side, the injured side Le Havre led to Maras Malter.

71. The head was tied to the brook Yilmas captured by Ward. The Turks throw their last strength in this match, but reveal themselves to the Welsh counters.

67. Turkey pushes, but without getting clear opportunities. Brooke Yilmas, who did not give up his efforts, is isolated at the forefront of the attack.

61. BALE Missing! The Welsh captain completely loses his attempt, which skyrockets over Baku. Somewhat surprisingly the Turks are still alive in this game.

61. Penalties for works! Pele is illegally parked in a celic box.

58. Ramsay is closed! Welsh midfielder triggers a strike in the box. His attempt, somewhat confronted by a defender, was thwarted in his order by the Turkish goalkeeper. The Turks are hot.

57. The Turks get more situations: corners, free kick. For now, it will not work.

54. Failure of Brooke Yilmas !! In a deflected corner, the Turkish captain plays a ball from six meters, but his shot goes too far. This is the biggest chance of a match on the Ottoman side.

53. Not hit in the 25th, Gareth Bale strikes with his left foot. But the frame slips from the Welsh captain’s effort.

53. Welsh, who dominated early in the second half, gradually regained control of the ball and took a corner. The Turks emerge.

50. Calhanoglu gets his chance. The Turkish leader crushed his shot with his right foot 25 meters away. Ward goalkeeper Ward can catch the ball and renew his team.

48. Immediate reaction on the Welsh side. James crosses towards the goal. The ball does not find a taker, but takes the path of the target. Turkish home reader destroys a corner. The Welsh corner gave nothing away.

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47. The Turks return to the prairie for other purposes. Calhanoclu passes under. In the distance post, the winger cannot take the ball back.

46. It has come back to Baku. The Turks have 45 minutes to turn the situation around.

From the change to the gap in Turkey. Lily Yassis is introduced to replace Dufan. Demirel, who was the holder of the first match and made a mistake, returns to the Baku lawn to replace OK Yogoslu.

Half the time in Baku. Return to the locker room for both teams. Wales logically leads to the mark. After missing a big opportunity, Aaron Ramsay recovered by tricking the Turkish goalkeeper, shortly before the break, with his captain Gareth Bale serving well. For its part, Turkey did not win. After suffering a humiliating defeat in the first match (3-0) against Italy, the formation of Cenol Kunas should be restored quickly.

43. Ramsey! Welsh opened the scoring just before half-time. Gareth Bale tries a cross behind the Turkish defense. Thrown to the offside boundary, Ramsay controls the ball with his chest and adjusts the Turkish goalkeeper with a flat right foot. At this point, the Turin scene is no less.

36. Return of Science! The Turkish defender saves his people in an exciting challenge that slips through the gates of his surface.

35. For now the most sensible, Turkish playmaker, Calhanoglu, is touching a few more balls. He removed his opponent with a blow from Sombrero. What the Milan AC midfielder has to keep in mind.

30 ‘. Finally a Turkish reaction! In the first Turkish corner of the match, Aihan takes an extra hand in the air. His attempt, which did not appear to be structured, was saved in his order by the Welsh defender.

27. Although it conceded only three goals in the full qualifying campaign for the euro, Turkey seems to be on the defensive after exploding on all sides against Italy. Demirel, a teacher against his camp against the Transylvanians, was replaced by Aihan in the Central Guard. Not enough to strengthen security.

24. Ramsay is missing! Gareth Bale discovers that the midfielder is alone in the box and unleashes a strike with his right foot. He was shut down because Turkey’s defense was misrepresented. The Welshman misses a great opportunity.

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22. Daniel James makes differences on his side. The Manchester United striker takes the best of Turkey’s entire back and crosses the box. The ball is clear.

20. The last clash between the two teams begins with the 1997 World Cup qualifiers. The match ended in an unbeaten score (6-4 for the Turks). Current Welsh coach Rob Page attended the meeting.

18. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is at the stand. Azerbaijan is an ally of Turkey.

17. Turkey is close to amendment. Very confusing situation in front of the Turkish target. The Welsh take over the top of the head and the Turkish restoration makes it as exposed as possible. It was hot.

16. It was pleasant to follow the start of the match between the two teams. Dangerous situations follow each other near the cages of the two goalkeepers.

13. Under! The Turkish striker plays a ball. His tense strike was captured by the Welsh porter.

9. Yilmas! The Turkish captain, seen on a cross from the underside, unleashes a strike on the opponent’s penalty area. She is pushed back by a Welsh defender in a corner, which gives nothing to the Turkish side.

6. First great Welsh opportunity! Ramsay is seen in the area by Gareth Bale. Juventus Turin midfielder joins the strike by removing a hook from his opponent. This is rejected by the Turkish porter.

18 h. The kick-off has been given in Baguio in the eyes of many Turkish supporters.

17 h 45. Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream. Turkey – Wales, Group A We will follow the second match together. There will be a kick-off at 6pm in Baguio, Azerbaijan.