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Turn any Android into a Chromecast with this app

Turn any Android into a Chromecast with this app

Google recently launched the Pixel Tablet, with features never seen before on the Android operating system. The device, also because it can be ‘parked’ on its base, comes with Chromecast integrated, which supports casting from an Android smartphone, for example.

Many users immediately wondered if this function could not reach other devices. And according to what was reported by journalist Mishaal Al-Rahman on the social network X, this possibility has already arrived with the application CastR Receiverfor Android devices.

This app turns any Android device into a Chromecast. When Google released the Pixel tablet, the first Android tablet with Google Cast built-in, many people asked me if this functionality could be brought to other devices. Caveats!) The app…

Mishaal Rahman August 14, 2023

CastReceiver allows Chromecast to be cast from one Android device to another

With some limitations, this app allows users to use, for example, an Android tablet to act as a Chromecast receiver from another Android device. CastReceiver is now available on the Google Play Store for anyone who wants to try it out.

CastReceiver is available for download on the Google Play Store

The source says that when the app is installed, users will see that device as a target for Google Cast support. However, this comes with the restriction of reproducing digital content with rights. This means that, at least for now, it doesn’t accept streaming from apps like Netflix or Amazon.

CastReceiver can be a way to reanimate an old tablet or smartphone

Furthermore, your device must be unlocked to start casting. As the source mentions, this can be a good way to use an old tablet lying around the house as a smart display.

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It should be noted that the application is free and users can download and test it. However, anyone who wants to broadcast longer than 5 minutes will have to unlock the app by paying €3.99.

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