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TVI announces changes to the morning programme

TVI announces changes to the morning programme

AndThe new season of “Esta Manhã” is coming to TVI, one of the formats that helps Queluz de Baixo station to “start” daily programming.

And the channel explained, in a statement it sent to the newsrooms, what can be expected from the new phase of this program, which begins next Monday, March 20.

“As of Monday and with the onset of spring, TVI brings you the new season of ‘Esta Manhã’! New colours, new rhythms and new titles,” she begins with the note in question.

“A three-hour live broadcast, focused on current events, with the latest national and international news and topics that will celebrate this day. Weather bulletins and a new transit space, pop-up news sections and social networks, interviews and reports with champions of politics, economy, society, sports and entertainment “, it can be read.

Finally, the channel announces the premiere of the new film by the writer José Luis Peixoto: “We travel the world through the words of the writer and the“ look in Portuguese “.

It is important to remember that “Esta Manhã” is run by Nuno Eiró, Susana Pinto, Sara Sousa Pinto, Iva Domingues and Pedro Carvalhas.

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