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TVI at the party! Queluz de Baixo Station arrives at a historic landmark

TVI is the public Portuguese channel with the most followers on the social network Facebook.

a TVI Completely historic feat. The channel’s Facebook page adds up 2 million followers Which is the best, in this sense, among the Portuguese generalists.

in a release, the channel indicated that this preference is due to “For the variety of topics people find on the page.He called for this number to continue to increase. “Join over 2 million followers on TVIIt reads at the end of the text.

TVI . followed 6852013 Internet users, while the SIC has 1 605 254. Add RTP1 and RTP2 435936 NS 312610, respectively (10:36 a.m. Monday, August 9, 2021).

I read here:

«In the largest social network of our country, TVI reaches the most followers and prefers Portuguese.

This preference is due to the variety of topics people find on the page. TVI’s Facebook brings “the world” together in one place. The offer is diverse – from information to entertainment, in a mixture of content that tries to reach all genders and ages. Also on this page are shared emotional stories, which do not leave anyone indifferent.

TVI’s Facebook also reveals what’s behind the cameras, giving its followers a behind-the-scenes tour of fictional shows and projects, as well as access to exclusive interviews.

For Ricardo Tome, Managing Director of Media Capital Digital, “This achievement is for all of us a reflection of the passion and preference the Portuguese have for the TVI brand and its contents, which daily sustain millions of people not only in Portugal but there as well. The TVI brand is a brand of passion, a brand of love that combines the passion of the best imagination, the pleasure of entertainment and the relief of information.This mark of preference on this social network, as we share content on these hubs on a daily basis, makes us fully aware of the impact and the responsibility we bear. We are ready to continue And grow more.”

Being close to the audience is one of the commitments TVI has always adhered to. TVI on its Facebook page also opens the doors of her house and invites everyone to come in.

Join over 2 million followers on TviOficial.»

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