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TVI bets on three consecutive copies of Big Brother

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“Big Brother” returns to TVI in September with a new home built from scratch in an industrial warehouse located in Malveira.

TVI is preparing for the new version of “Big Brother”, which is scheduled to premiere in September. The new palace, which was built from scratch, is located in A Industrial warehouse in Malvera with a total area of ​​6,436 m², of which 4650 are covered.

Works are already underway and according to new people, Endemol, product reality show, prepares the implementation of three editions of the format, which will be displayed continuously.

“Renovation work is already underway. The interior of that warehouse is being cleaned up and converted into a home, in order to receive the new competitors of the ‘Big Brother’, says the product source for this post. “The idea is to start with a release in September, which ends at the end of the year, and then we’ll have two more reality shows, three months each, in the exact same place.”, he adds.

The warehouse chosen for the new “Big Brother” home is up for sale for 2,225 million euros, but Endemol and TVI opted for its lease, which, according to the real estate website, is about 12 thousand euros per month.

The “Big Brother” house is located five kilometers from the Cristina Ferreira Palace

From .’s new home reality show From TVI to Cristina Ferreira’s house, in Casal Val Bois, just five kilometers away. The same distance that separates the studios of Venda do Pinheiro, where the introduction “Cristina ComVida” takes place

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