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TVI / CNN’s Director of Information was surprised by the departure of Judith de Souza: “We learned about it on social media yesterday”

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On the “Dois à Dez” program, and later also during the “Jornal da Uma”, Nuno Santos, Director of Media at TVI / CNN, commented on the controversy that sparked the announcement of journalist and columnist Judith de Souza, after which she reported that she was leaving CNN Portugal. The journalist wrote on social media that she “denounced” a month and a half ago the contract with the channel. In response to a follower, Judith de Sousa wrote: “I decried my contract with green receipts a month and a half ago.” “Enjoying the peace of not being a public figure anymore,” she wrote. A Portuguese citizen who earns her living and pays her taxes.”

The communications, which took place in an “unusual way”, according to Nuno Santos, were stimulated by the Information Department of the Channels, clarifications. The director, who has ensured to maintain her “modesty” so far, regarding Judith de Sousa’s experience and professional services, as well as her “fragility”.

Judith’s departure [referindo-se à jornalista Judite de Sousa] It is a circumstance that makes us very sad, said Nuno Santos, then he went on to criticize a “TV channel” that spreads false information, but without specifying which channel it was.

In the first place, defending the journalist, a possible update to the contractual position of the hub was unknown to the TVI / CNN news director. “Yesterday we learned on social media that Judit has denounced her contract. For us, that was news, because that’s not the information we have here.”

According to Nuno Santos, “Judit has a servicing contract with TVI and CNN Portugal,” and was “on sick leave until August 11.”

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The channel’s information department was quick to deny the rumors. “Today, the news is constantly repeated, for example, when Judith, as a special envoy, for the Ukrainian war, did this without insurance, which is unimaginable in the theater of war,” Nono Santos refused.

“Judith went to Lviv, Ukraine, obviously got insurance,” said the head of the news department of TVI / CNN, denying that “Judith will be without access to money, without conditions for work,” and the alleged memo was published by social networks “and published by the channel TV, of course, has a bunch of calculations to do.”

Nuno Santos also ensured that it was not true that TVI/CNN did not provide Judite de Sousa with “all the means available to it to do its job,” and explained: “Judite chose the team she wanted to work with, (…) and we, on the board, provided He has all the support throughout this process.” TVI/CNN’s media director stated, in fact, that what could be referred to would be the exact opposite: “Excessive support, unlike other products.”

The journalist also refers to the “massive use and severe attack”, which, according to his lawyer, has no reason to exist: the contractual rules of the axis were created by mutual agreement, and Judit Souza had only a small health problem, which prevented him from working except for a day or two. When he appeared on the air for the second time, in “Journal da Uma”, Nuno Santos again confirmed that Judith Souza had suggested covering the conflict in Ukraine: “She made a wish to go, and so did we.”

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It was announced that Judith Souza and journalist Pedro Mourinho had left TVI/CNN on Monday night. The journalist has not yet commented on this issue.

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