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TVI is in third place with the worst share this year

It was on TVI on a Sunday that I forgot about him in the ratings battle.

If SIC stays ahead of the crowd, then this Sunday, TVI fell to Worst result this year. Queluz de Baixo station took last place on the podium with 13.8% share. In second place was RTP1, with 17.1%. Paço de Arcos won ب 19.6%.

Today’s Most Viewed Programs

SIC entered eight of the top 10 formats, although the most watched was the European Under-21 Championship final, between Portugal and Germany, which the Germans won 1-0 (RTP1). seen before 2 million 161 thousand 100 viewers. Best program TVI – and the only one in the top ten – was “All Together Now”, by Cristina Ferreira, with 844100 viewers. He was in eighth place.

For the rest, its highlight is SIC’s “Hell’s Kitchen” finale, which has always had more than One million 100 thousand viewers The table ranked between second and fourth. Arrived in the best segment Million 321 thousand 600 viewers. The “Jornal da Noite” channel came in fifth place with the “Jornal da Noite” channel. 995 300 viewers.

The top ten audiences were also filled with two segments of “Quem Quer Namorar Com o Agriculture”, “Fama Show” and “Vida Selvagem” from SIC.

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