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TVI is striving to find competitors?

TVI is striving to find competitors?

Featuring Cristina Ferreira and Bruno Cabrerizo, “Dança com as Estrelas” returns to TVI In 2024.

The press presentation took place last week and The top seven contestants have been revealed: Ana Guiomar (actress), Ana Malhoa (singer), Bernardo Souza (pilot), Liliana Santos (actress), Thiago Carrera (model), Raquel Tello (actress), and Luisina Oliveira (model).

In total they are 11 contestants will be recognized and the remaining four will be recognized only at the first ceremony, in January. Cifrão, Alberto Rodrigues and Alexandra Lencastre are part of the jury.

the historian Bernardo Dolhão He wrote in this week’s TV7 Dias magazine that “A little bird told me that a show Dancing with the stars It was a little above the knee. They say that the day before there were only four confirmed competitors, perhaps the ones on the A-list: Ana Guiomar, Ana Malhoa, Bernardo Souza and Liliana Santos. Then three more came to make up the number. But there are still competitors…“.

According to Cristina Ferreira, the rest is saved for the format’s big debut. But they are so guarded, they don’t even know they are going to participate. It is not closed yet. There’s no shortage of invitations, but it seems there aren’t many celebrities willing to tango!“, added Bernardo Dolhão.

Remember that journalist Sarah Pinto was forced to resign for professional reasons, and his doctor, Claudio Ramos, was prevented from participating in the program due to a heart problem.

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