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Twenty common passwords in Portugal that are of low quality

Twenty common passwords in Portugal that are of low quality

NordPass, a password management company, on Thursday released the 20 most used combinations in Portugal. “Administrator,” “123456,” and “User” top the list, followed by “123456789,” “12345678,” and “Password.” “Benfica” and “Portugal” are also part of the preferences.

The study analyzed the phenomenon around the world, collected the 200 most common keywords in the world, and conducted a comparison between 35 countries. Despite the differences, it was possible to conclude that citizens “use weaker passwords for their streaming accounts,” while stronger ones are chosen to protect bank accounts, because in these cases, there are greater concerns about security and security.

In the view of NordPass CTO Thomas Smalakis, live streaming registers weaker codes, because people want to “manage shared accounts more easily, with passwords that are easier to remember.”

Those responsible for this study were able to understand that “instead of improving their password creation habits”, users adopted “pre-configured passwords” – thus the word “admin” is the most common, not only in Portugal, but also in Mexico, Greece and Estonia. .

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