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Twenty (simple) tips for saving money even with Christmas at the door

Twenty (simple) tips for saving money even with Christmas at the door

The The Christmas season is approaching, and as a rule, expenses also increase at this time of the year. In the context of rising prices, with an impact on household wallets, it is important that expenditures are planned so as not to be excessive.

In the midst of all this, saving can be an added challenge. In this path, the file Financial Literacy Portal of the Associação Mutualista Montepio, EI, 20 tips that can help save even with Christmas at the door. Take note:

  1. Set a Christmas budget – “Strictly follow your planned expenses. To save money at Christmas, make a list of the adults and children you want to give a gift to and set a base value for each. Also estimate how much you want to spend on food”;
  2. Write down all expenses – “Whenever you buy gifts or meals for Christmas parties, write them down in a notebook or diary, so that you have a better idea of ​​the money you’re spending”;
  3. Prepare Christmas dinner in advance. “Ingredients for Christmas dinner that do not go bad, such as olive oil, dried fruit or drinks, must be purchased in advance. Why? Every year, prices tend to go up in December”;
  4. Avoid impulsive and last-minute purchases. “Amidst the ‘confusion’ that has arisen in the shops in the last few days before Christmas, you will be tempted to make less likely and perhaps more costly decisions”;
  5. compare prices – “Choose the store or supermarket that is most accessible to you and that offers the best offer based on the quality / price ratio”;
  6. Focus your purchases – “To save Christmas money on gas and parking, try Christmas shopping once or twice”;
  7. Expense sharing – “Reduce spending on food for Christmas parties and have each family member share the menu with different delicacies”;
  8. Enjoy the credits – “Buy out-of-season Christmas gifts, and take advantage of discounts throughout the year, namely the January and Summer sales. Remember, there are timeless items”;
  9. Giving gifts together – “Join other family members or friends to give gifts and you will see that it is possible to give more expensive gifts to your loved ones. For example, offer gifts to parents with your siblings. In the case of couples, choose to offer one gift”;
  10. Make your own gifts – “Who wouldn’t appreciate a box of homemade marmalade or jam, for example? Whenever possible, let your imagination run wild and make your own gifts”;
  11. Recycle wrapping paper “After opening gifts, keep the paper and ribbons in good condition and can be used later. Instead of buying wrapping paper, try using pages from old magazines with suggestive illustrations, which you know will please the recipient, and decorate them with a bow, for example”;
  12. save in decoration – “Recycle or try to innovate in the decoration with originality using the things you used in the previous year. In the same bowls that you used for traditional sweets, put dried fruits or chocolate, for example. Get creative and put, for example, a pinecone on each plate to designate a place Each guest at the Christmas table “;
  13. Send digital cards – “If you want to send Christmas cards, electronic postcards sent by email are efficient, fast and economical”;
  14. Bet on online auctions – “The offer is wide and the prices are reasonable. On auction sites you can buy a wide range of products for sale by individuals, from a bid base that can be as little as one euro. To auctions for disposal of goods. eBay is one of the most popular platforms offering thousands of products” ;
  15. Take advantage of outlet rates – To save money this Christmas, book a day to go to the malls at lower prices or find products with this indicator on many brands, make that option available on their website. If you want to give clothes, shoes or bags, this is it. lower cost alternative”;
  16. Pamper family and friends – “If your budget is particularly tight this year, choose to give surprises rather than gifts to the ones you love most. Promise, for example, your sister that you’ll spend the weekend babysitting her nephews, offer to take care of your partner’s next car cleaning or surprise them with a romantic Christmas card or Presentation with photos of your best moments ”;
  17. secret friend play This exchange of memories is handy since you only have to buy one gift. Write the name of the participants on a piece of paper and put them all in a bag. Each person should take a piece of paper and keep the name they got a secret from. Next, clues are given regarding The appearance or personality of the secret friend so everyone can guess who it is.
  18. Energy saving – “Use LED technology for Christmas lighting, a low-energy solution. Also bet on decorative candles”;
  19. buy in bulk – “Dried and crystallized fruits are part of the Christmas table, and if, on the one hand, the most practical way to buy them is in small packaged pieces, on the other hand, if you buy in bulk, you will get the same quantity for a low price”;
  20. Make a Christmas piggy bank – “Start saving for gifts as early as January. Estimate how much you want to spend in December and then divide by 12. Each month, put that amount aside for your Christmas savings.”
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