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Twitter Blue: Edit tweets reach users in 3 countries

a Twitter Today began the long-awaited release Tweet editor for my subscribers blue twitter In the Canadain Australia and on New Zealand. In the testing phase since September, the tool allows the user to fix a typo in a tweet without having to repost it.

This expansion It was announced by the social network in August It was scheduled to take place by the end of September. Despite arriving a few days late, the platform said tests with the tool “go well” and can now be accessed by more people.

Twitter said users in the US will receive the news “soon,” but without giving a specific date.

With the novelty, users should notice a new pencil-shaped icon in their edited tweets. Next to it, the social network will display the time when the tweet was last modified, as well as a link to a history of the changes made by the author of the post.

Twitter Blue subscribers, in turn, will be able to edit their tweets even five times In period 30 minutes after it was published. To make a change, simply click on the same pencil icon that appears in this case right next to the username.

Last Thursday (9/9), the official profile of the subscription program on the social network posted a tweet that gives a better idea of ​​what the tool looks like:

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Welcome. This is a test to make sure the edit button is working, and we’ll tell you how it goes.

Still not available in Brazil, Twitter Blue is a subscription that gives you the right to a series of exclusive tools, such as the option to undo tweets and use favorite folders, as well as early access to news that is still in development and soon available to users. In the US, the program costs $5 per month.

Editing tweets is an old request from the platform users, who have ended up making their absence a real meme in the social networking community. Other companies like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest have had similar options for years.

Hopefully now the novelty won’t take long for it to be made available to the general public.

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