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Twitter can copy Facebook and add a reaction system to posts

Twitter can copy Facebook and add a reaction system to posts

Twitter is one of the most used social networks worldwide. The platform was created by Jack Dorsey, and the platform is a “clean” space, without many distractions or redundant features.

However, the social network may change a little soon. This is because, according to the information now disclosed, Twitter can copy Facebook and add a reaction system to its posts.

On the Internet there are currently many social networks available to the user. Each of them has its specific audience, specific functions, and functions.

However, there are several platforms that stand out from the rest, and one of them is Twitter. And it seems that, soon, we may have more interesting features in this social network in a micro-blogging format.

Twitter may include reactions to your posts, for example on Facebook

Jin Manchun Wong He is a Hong Kong programmer known for revealing some social media news. And recently, Wong posted on his Twitter account that this social network will test the post feedback system, similar to what actually happens on Facebook.

According to Jin's information, Twitter's reactions will then be on "likes", "cheers", "hmm", "sad" and "haha." In addition, the programmer also left a leak in Work In Progress (WIP), or the process in which the testing of this potential new functionality was found.

Twitter has yet to release any official information about this new feature that may be in testing for a few weeks. And if it were to go forward, there is also no prediction of when this will happen.

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More of this It is not the first time Wong offers such potential for this social network. It remains to wait for more details to determine whether, in fact, we will soon be able to respond in different ways to the Tweets.