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Twitter refuses to close the case against Elon Musk - News

Twitter refuses to close the case against Elon Musk – News

Elon Musk’s lawyers asked the court responsible for the dispute with Twitter on Thursday (6) to close the process against him to force him to buy the company, after committing to continue the acquisition, while ensuring that the company does not back down.

The billionaire’s defense argued that Musk proposed on Monday to honor the commitment and lamented that Twitter “is insisting on continuing the process, jeopardizing the deal and manipulating the interests of shareholders,” according to a court document consulted by the billionaire. France Press agency.

“Continuing the trial is not only a colossal waste of the parties and court’s resources, but it will also reduce the parties’ ability to complete the transaction,” Musk’s representatives say. The said trial is scheduled to take place on October 17.

Last Tuesday (fourth), it became public that the Tesla founder already intends to close a deal to acquire most shares in the social network, paying $54.20 (R$282.54, upon conversion) per share in the company.

After litigation and months of legal battles, in which Musk was accused of lying about the number of accounts and fake bots on the platform, in which the social network tried to force him to fulfill a contract, the parties marched to reach an agreement worth $44 billion (228 billion R$ in the transfer).

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