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Elon Musk på vei inn i Twitters hovedkvarter med en vask i hendene

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Accept a new work agreement with longer working days and more work effort or leave the company for three months salary.

This is the warning that Twitter’s new owner has issued to his 7,500 employees.

After initially getting rid of half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, Twitter’s new boss issued an ultimatum to those who remained last Wednesday:

“To build groundbreaking Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we have to be very hardcore. That means working many hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will result in a passing score.”

In the letter, which he quotes, among others Washington Post And the CNBCThe remaining employees were given until 5 p.m. the next day to accept it or resign.

It must have made a number of the staff want to say thank you. NBC News Reuters news agency was able to access the messages in the internal chat groups. Many people must have posted their farewell greetings and memes there.

After Elon Musk became the new owner of Twitter, many such pictures (memes) went viral on the platform.

Photo: screenshot from Twitter

According to Reuters, more than 110 employees on four continents have announced their departure from the company.

When the deadline passed, security guards were supposed to start handing out the employees’ belongings on Thursday evening, the news agency wrote.

The internal application started to fail

Among those who have said goodbye to colleagues electronically, there will be a number of engineers and others which works with operational stability, error recovery, and other critical infrastructure. This is what an engineer who left Twitter also tells us NBC News.

Reuters reported that the Twitter app used internally by employees had encountered problems. One The source inside Twitter should have said there was a risk with that The same thing can happen with the public sector Twitter platform, and in a short time.

“If things break or are affected by bugs, there will be no one left to fix them,” a source tells The Guardian.

There will be an explanation for the threat in the Senate

In the United States, more and more people are concerned about the security of Twitter data. Prominent Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has asked Elon Musk to conduct a threat analysis to ensure user data does not go astray.

He cited concerns from a former employee, according to Reuters. Peiter Mudge Zatko, who was Twitter’s security chief until his dismissal in January, testified in September that several Twitter employees were concerned that Chinese authorities might be able to collect data from the company’s users.

Among other things, Zatko warned of the danger of foreign hackers using malware to steal sensitive user information

In a letter to Musk released on Wednesday, Grassley requested that Musk submit the threat assessment to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Twitter collects huge amounts of data about US citizens. They must be able to feel confident that private data is secure, and that trusted companies have not been hacked by foreign agents, Grassley wrote.

According to Reuters, Twitter did not comment or respond to the letter.

The European Union fears more propaganda

Concerns about what is happening on Twitter are also growing in the European Union, reports AFP.

On Thursday, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders will travel to Ireland to meet with European leaders on Twitter and Meta (Facebook) to remind businesses of the responsibility they have under EU legislation.

According to sources in Render’s office, EU leaders are concerned that the wave of resignations will weaken control over content and data security.

They noted that many of those who lost their jobs worked specifically to combat disinformation.

The AFP writes that there are growing concerns in Brussels that Musk’s release will lead to weaker efforts against propaganda, hate speech and cyberneurism.

A new poll from Musk

Plus opening for former President Donald Trump again It can be found on Twitter (something Trump himself denied), Musk opened the way to allow more banned people onto the platform again. This applies, among others, to author Jordan Peterson and comedian Kathy Griffin.

On Wednesday, Musk posted a new “poll” on Twitter. He asks if it should be General amnesty for banned users.

The “yes” side leads by a wide margin.

Unbridled chaos and deserted arena

Twitter is looking like an unbridled mess after Musk took over, says Torgir Waterhouse, founder of information and communications technology advisory service Ota.

It’s worrisome from a technological and long-term security perspective.

According to Waterhouse, Twitter is, after all, a service woven into social discussion internationally. So the fact that there is so much uncertainty around the service is an issue.

It is a platform used to transmit public information. But also from politicians, the media, other social actors, and ordinary people.

Waterhouse believes that the way Musk is running the platform seems irresponsible and rambunctious.

Torgeir Waterhouse is a partner at the consulting firm Otte

Twitter got messy after Elon Musk took over, says Torgir Waterhouse, founder of information and communications technology advisory service Ota.

Photo: Hans Christian Thorbjornsen

I think Twitter can get more disruptive, more chaos can be created.

He believes someone will step in and save Twitter before the platform finally collapses. But the future, according to him, does not look bright at all.

– I think that in serious democracies, Twitter will soon become a deserted discussion arena.

The announcers run away

Several European car manufacturers have announced that they are leaving Twitter. Audi, which has more than 800,000 followers, announced Wednesday that it will be ditching Twitter for the time being. Wirtschafts.

Volkswagen also turned its back on Twitter. General Motors and Pfizer also cut off Twitter as an advertising and customer communication arena.

Many have reported that they want to try Mastodon as an alternative.

The Norwegian Police has also begun to consider solutions other than Twitter to reach the media and the public with information.

Start preparing for fall

Users, including many well-known politicians, have already started using thread links #RIPTwitter and #TwitterDown.

Others link to other social media such as Instagram and Mastodon or provide their email addresses.

Twitter from the French Embassy in Fiji

Twitter from the French Embassy in Fiji.

Photo: screenshot from Twitter

The French government is among those now taking precautions and clarifying where the French can get information.

The federal oversight body, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has notified that it is concerned about developments in the company.

On November 11, the Federal Trade Commission issued a proclamation stating that “No president or corporation is above the law.”

Disruptions from clinicians and researchers

In the United States, doctors and health professionals have sounded the alarm in recent days, going to great lengths to tell their followers where they can find information if Twitter disappears as a platform.

Many point out how important Twitter is as an information channel during a pandemic for spreading research information and news, both to the public, but not least to other researchers.

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