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"Twky Holiday Path".  Isabella Trojanovska suddenly collapsed on the stage.  What happened?

“Twky Holiday Path”. Isabella Trojanovska suddenly collapsed on the stage. What happened?

Isabella Trozanovska was one of the performers at the concert scheduled for Sunday as part of the “Two Summer Tour” in Kossalin this weekend. After saying goodbye to the audience, he left the stage and suddenly fell on her back.

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Isabella Trojanovska fell on the show “Holiday Route Two”

The annual concerts “Wakazizna Trasa Duaji” organized by Televizza Polka in various places in Poland in July and June. For eight weeks, Polish and foreign artists appear and perform. On Sunday, visitors from Kossalin and its environs had the opportunity to see the show. Artists include Mykonos Kravsik, Boys Group, Genek Martinique, In-Grid, Carla Fernandez and Just Isabella Trojanovska, Irina Sander’s song “No Wild Beaches Already”. The latter during the concert actually had an unexpected fall in saying goodbye to the audience. You can see this in the post posted by the Twitter user.

Everything is so dangerous. However, the artist quickly got up and reassured the fans that he was fine.

Don’t worry about me, I’m already looking at my feet – said Isabella Trozanovska from the stage.

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The reason for the fall is the artist’s high heels or platform props. We don’t know it, but we hope the singer is performing really well and the threatening incident did no harm to her health.

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