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Two died after falling into a concert hall in Uppsala - VG

Two died after falling into a concert hall in Uppsala – VG

Two people were killed after a person fell several meters into a concert hall in Uppsala, Sweden.


according to expresswho cites him butterSomeone must have fallen from a height and ended up on top of someone else.

The newspaper reported that two people died as a result of the accident that took place indoors in Uppsala for concerts and Congress.

– We are trying to find out exactly what happened, Magnus Jansson Claren, a spokesman for the Uppsala police, tells the newspaper.

The photos in the gallery below are the press photos of the concert hall, and it is unclear exactly where the accident occurred.

One person was declared dead immediately, while the other is said to have died on the way to the hospital, Jansson Claren says.

It was reported that the police cordoned off the building Aftonbladet.

Police spokesman Magnus Jansson Claren told Aftonbladet that there were a lot of people who witnessed what happened, and there were conferences and events going on inside.

The letter reached the police at 18:48.

There is no reason to suspect the attacks

Concert Hall press spokeswoman Karen Safestrom told the newspaper they don’t have much information at the moment.

– But we have no reason to believe there was an attack. We have put crisis management and work with the police.

At 7.30pm they were to perform “Thank You for the Music” — in honor of ABBA’s Benny Anderson and Bjorn Olpheus, Aftonbladet wrote.

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The organizer wrote on Facebook that the concert was canceled at short notice, after a “terrible accident occurred in the Uppsala Concert Hall”.

“Everyone is in shock and we ask to come back with more information when we know more,” MT Live AB wrote on Facebook.

Status is updated.