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Two people charged in the terrorist attack in Moscow

Two people charged in the terrorist attack in Moscow

A Moscow court has charged two people after the terrorist attack in Moscow.

This was reported by TASS, which refers to the court in Moscow.

The charge states that the two are accused of terrorism as part of a group.

Earlier on Sunday, the detainees were transferred to the headquarters of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow.

Bloody drag from the forest

It is not known whether more of the total 11 detainees will appear in District Court today.

According to the Associated Press, there are reports of a large police presence around the court building. One of the suspects was taken into the courtroom blindfolded. When the bandage was removed, a blue eye appeared.

A video clip published by the Investigation Committee earlier on Sunday showed two detainees being taken to the building, tied behind their backs and blindfolded.

Russian media reported a shooting inside a concert hall in Moscow.
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On Saturday, the Russian authorities announced the arrest of 11 people on terrorism charges, including four accused of carrying out terrorist acts in the concert hall on Friday night.

At least 137 people were killed. 180 people were also infected, according to the Russian Ministry of Health. 142 of them were sent to hospital, after the deadliest attack on Russian soil in nearly 20 years.

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