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“Two to 10” in danger? Christina Ferreira may be back on TV in the morning

Last January, TVI launched two new shows on day, “Two in 10” and “Josheh”. The channel’s morning has not succeeded in imposing itself on the masses and its future may have an uncertain future. Christina Ferreira can be back in the morning.

The song Dois à 10 presented by Maria Botelho Moniz and Cláudio Ramos has not been able to establish itself in the masses and perhaps Cristina Ferreira is preparing for a change in the morning on TVI. The presenter got better results than Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz in the “TVI Turns” initiative.

Some say that the program [Cristina ComVida] You can go in the morning. The expenses were justified. This model is under study‘, says a source from the station to TV Guia.

However, this initiative to change the presenters was not well received by critics. “Creating a TV channel creates links with viewers. This is acquired mainly by habit: at the same time the same things happen every day. Changing viewers’ turns is the biggest ban ever for a public channel. Whoever had the idea deserves to be fired for a just cause.

right Now, Christina Ferrera He will be on vacation, and, contrary to what the press presents, the director of entertainment and fiction at TVI will not be absent for five weeks. “At the moment, these desires and desires are unimaginable. She is responsible for the entertainment series, soap operas, and things don’t look good. You will not stand still for long, because “forever” [a nova novela da TVI] Premiere in early SeptemberSays the same source.

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Warranty is She quit her show “Cristina ComVida” for two weeks, although 15 programs have been registered.

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