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Two Weeks of the Charland Model: My Experiences

Two Weeks of the Charland Model: My Experiences

The goal is to “vaccinate – test – open” from April 6, 21 “Charland Model”. The model strategy for dealing with corona infection is based on free quick tests and a traffic light system for all Charland residents. If the infection rate is stable with less than 100 7-day events, the traffic light will be green. With daily quick testing you can play back contact games outside and non-contact games indoors, and are allowed to open theaters, concert halls, opera houses and theaters. You can visit outdoor catering with a maximum of two to five people without a quick check and up to 10 people with a negative daily quick check.

Today, April 18, 2021, the traffic light is yellow for a few days. Charland’s 7-day event was over 100 from April 9 and is now at 125.6. The yellowing of the traffic light has also been extended to test retail and physical friendly services. Once the intensive care unit is threatened with full use, the traffic lights turn red and the state government imposes a “consequent lock-in” as per the three-step plan. There are no standard guidelines for when a traffic light should turn red. Council of Ministers of Charland last Saturday Decided to keep the traffic light yellow, while at the same time tightening the test conditions. Accordingly, everyone in the outdoor catering industry can now show a negative quick test.

A year after the epidemic, we need to think more than just closing and controlling.

Charles Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU)

Across the country, the Charland model was received with mixed feelings. Critics warned of rapidly increasing infections and saw the Charland model as the opposite of the nationwide corona strategy. Because of its proximity to the border and the risk of mutations, additional vaccine doses were given to Charland. Carl Lauterbach criticizes the initial steps because he would have liked Charland to use the vaccine advantage precisely and act “carefully accordingly”.

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I was looking forward to the Charland model as a young student who met almost all corona requirements. Eventually it no longer happens, and finally a group of “relatively” carefree friends can meet and visit grandparents. Why relative? Rapid tests are not as reliable as laboratory-evaluated PCR tests. They do not provide a 100% guarantee that someone who tests negative will not be harmed. But I think a negative quick test is better than anything.

Locking in Germany had been “tough” since mid-December, but I was already relatively back in six weeks of “locking light” and even before last weekend “Fun All” closed, a call was canceled for a bubble birthday party. Fear and a sense of duty. We would like to thank everyone who followed Corona’s requirements, with whose help we were able to reduce the 7 day events in Charland to 19.06 on 20 February 2021.

I know some young and old who, despite their increased relaxation and testing options and vaccination rates, have not dared to be part of the Charland model. I can understand and respect all the health concerns of my fellow human beings. But it was clear to me that despite the increase in infections before Easter, I wanted to use the Charland model to see and experience something different again.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the model, the weather was very cold and humid. There are no good conditions for outdoor catering. However, on the first model weekend, the weather played out and I was able to test outdoor catering with five other friends in downtown. The day was marked by good, but bad experiences. I’ll start with the good ones: six people can easily set aside a table in the evening, and I had a good time with friends in the fresh air in front of a cocktail bar on a side street.

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More than 40 people line up in front of a test center in Surbroken on Saturday afternoon. Photo: Der Jungreporter / Francesco Zimmerman

However, I had bad experiences at St. Johanner Market in Saarbrucken. This is the market On April 17, 400 to 500 party goers seemed to have lost control of themselves and their consciences. Outdoor catering at St. Johanner Market, booking not available until April 9th. Objective: Come first, served first. The tables were all occupied and a lot of people around them cried that a table would finally be free and that one could sit down. I can understand the people waiting, keep an eye out, avoid passers-by, and then accept the opportunity to eat or drink outside again without finding a place yet. What I can not understand is that these people do not wear masks, although masks have been mandatory in this market since at least December. This mask requirement, which was initially implemented during the days of action, now seems to be empty and I can understand even more that it has not been implemented by the police. That day I saw several patrol cars parked in St. Johanner Market, noticing the situation, but not necessarily reminding outdoor catering visitors and passersby of their duties in epidemics.

Now it’s a week later. Yesterday I was back at the outdoor catering, this time in the afternoon and this time actually at St. John’s Market. To my surprise, I was able to book a table in advance for two people and after showing my negative test, enjoy my order away from other guests. Afterwards, I went to various shops in the shopping miles of Charbrooken in Bahnhofstras. After waiting for a while at each store, I showed my test and was then able to relax and shop. I left town at 7:00 pm. The number of police cars was significant that day.

This high police presence is one reason why I can not understand what happened on Saturday evening at St. Johanner Market. Just before 2pm this Sunday, I received a message from a friend in Gold: “What should I read about Surbrook ?!”. The news sounds outrageous – exactly! After a while I opened up Instagram and saw a video, which was posted a few meters away from where I ate for lunch. In the video, many people watching St. Johanner Market are close by with drinks in hand. The clip is named: “She is OK😍😍 Re-registration adds exactly: “How can it be so ?! 😡😡

I wonder how it could be? I often see young people in the video, only two of them wearing masks. How can you be too close to notice or too close to notice? How can you be lucky enough to find an outdoor restaurant in the Charland model that accepts bookings, and how police cars are surrounded by people who can see the nose in areas where masks are needed? If the rules of the game are not followed, how can the Charland model be checked for functionality? Exactly, it doesn’t work!

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Politics should not be about stretching the little finger and taking the whole hand. Now I am afraid I will not be able to go out in a decent manner again next Friday because of these guests. Museums, theaters, sports clubs, cinemas, mini golf and anything else should be affected by the paranoia and the fainting of duty. I want it to pass, but acts like this are the opposite of that.

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the traffic light turned red and the new lock began.

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