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Two-year-old adults under surveillance in Australia receive more vaccines than recommended

In The elderly, Residents of a home for the elderly in the Australian city of Brisbane, are below Health monitoring At least after getting it wrong Four times The Recommended dose Against the Pfizer vaccine Govit-19, Confirmed by the Ministry of Health on February 23, 2021.

None of the patients, aged 94 and 88, “showed any adverse reactions,” said Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt. Authorities are investigating The incident took place on February 23.

Hunt noted, ‚ÄúThis is not yet confirmed (size of scales) because it is really hard to say Amount It was in the syringe, but it may have been more than four times (recommended size). “

The Doctor Who used the vaccine Investigation For possible violation of protocols and already removed from the National Immunization Program Govit-19, Which officially started on Monday Pfizer vaccine Essential workers and residents of nursing homes.

Paul Kelly, the state medical director, explained when Tests When Clinical trials Up to four times the recommended dose of Pfizer vaccine “side effect data are not a problem.”

Kelly reiterated that there are similar cases Excess amount of Vaccines In nursing homes in Germany and the United Kingdom, “side effects were rare, especially in the elderly.”

Australia, Which has so far approved vaccines Pfizer Y Astrogenogen, 29,900 cases have accumulated since the inception of Govt-19 International spread, Which includes 909 deaths, most of which were caused by an explosion in Melbourne in mid-2020.