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Two years in Dortmund with few good memories: 'I just wanted to get out of there'

Two years in Dortmund with few good memories: ‘I just wanted to get out of there’

Renner recalls the failed pass through Germany. Benfica’s hypothesis collapsed and Girona ended up being loaned from Real Madrid.

Reinier’s memories of his time at Dortmund, where Real Madrid loaned him two seasons, are not good. The 20-year-old Brazilian midfielder, who starred for Flamengo de Jesus before signing for the current European champion, has admitted he has had a tough time in Germany.

“Because of my life experience, I’m a different person. Two years in Germany… I’m a different person, a different mind. It was an experience with great players, who are now my friends. They have helped me a lot since I got there, I don’t speak English, I don’t speak German.” , which is very difficult. They helped me, Haaland, Emre Can, Jude [Bellingham]And that was a really good experience. The bad thing is that I haven’t been able to develop my football. I trained well, people, I won’t name names, I said in training: “You’re training well, congratulations, keep it up”, and they didn’t push me to play. I didn’t understand. Did you train well and not play? It’s their choice, I respected everyone, the establishment, the players, but that’s a shame. The city is very cold but it is a good city. Amazing fans,” he said in an interview with the Gringolândia podcast.

“In these two years, in my career, I didn’t have good things. I went through a lot of hard things when I was 18, 19. My family saw me sad. I left the games so shaky, I couldn’t sleep.”

“I just wanted to get out of there. A year later I realized I wasn’t going to change and it wasn’t for me, because I was doing everything. I trained at home, had a physical therapist, and a nutritionist. I had nothing else to do. I just wanted to get out.” And I will be happy again,” he said.

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Currently in Girona, Renner who It was in the plans of BenficaHe was in 39 games for Dortmund, but only three at the start. Score a goal and an assist.