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UAE offers "golden" visas to 100,000 programmers

UAE offers “golden” visas to 100,000 programmers

Long-term residence visas will be granted under the National Coding Program, launched by the government and focused on attracting professionals in the sector, with the aim of diversifying an economy based on the use of fossil resources.

The United Arab Emirates, which has the sixth largest oil reserves in the world, hopes to establish 1,000 large companies in the next five years, to participate in the process of digital transformation of its economy and government systems.

This plan was launched in collaboration with global technology giants – such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, HPE, LinkedIn, Nvidia and Facebook – and seeks to increase investments in the country, funding new “startups” (innovative companies) between $408 million and 1,089 million dollars (from 344 to 917 million euros).

The UAE must hold a minimum of 10 events with programming professionals to find “Innovative Solutions to 100 Challenges” related to government administration, economy, technology, health and services.

In 2019, the country, made up of seven sovereign Arab kingdoms located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, began granting five- and 10-year ‘golden’ visas to foreign investors, businessmen, executives, scholars and students.

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